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NZXT Launches the Sexiest Fan Hub Ever!

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Posted April 16, 2013 by Kevin in Peripherals

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Maximum Airflow, Minimal Hassle

Los Angeles, CA – When it comes down to balancing functionality and appearance, there is
always one thing the NZXT design team has on its mind: cable management. With the inclusion
of an integrated fan hub, the Switch 810 and the Phantom 630 chassis raised the bar for an
entire industry in terms of cable management capabilities.
Now, NZXT is proud to bring its versatile fan hub to the mass market with a streamlined, sleek
design fit for any case. Introducing the NZXT Grid- a modern, hassle-free solution for managing
all of your case fan wiring. With its fully enclosed, low-profile design, the NZXT Grid lets you
install up to ten fans in any location, keeping your motherboard and your bu ild free from any
unsightly fan cables.
In addition to the fan hub, the NZXT Grid also includes one 200mm Molex to 3 -pin power
adapter, one 200mm 3-pin female to female adapter and two 200mm 3-pin male to female
extensions. With a matte-black finish, white LED indicator lights and matching fan extension
cables, the NZXT Grid ensures the inside of your case looks just as good as the outside.
Available soon with an MSRP of $11.99, the NZXT Grid is a cost-effective solution that allows
you to maximize the airflow in your case without compromising cable management.

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