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MSI Delivers Extreme Performance with New Radeon HD 7990

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Posted April 24, 2013 by Kevin in Video Cards

Supports Afterburner Core Overvoltage

Leading international graphics card maker MSI has always been a key player in the competitive graphics card market. Thanks to its strong R&D capabilities and outstanding product performance, MSI’s products have always received high acclaim by the media and consumers throughout the world. On the heels of having just announced the release of the HD 7790 graphics card, MSI today launched the Radeon HD 7990, the most powerful graphics card on the planet. In addition to utilizing two of the latest 28 nm 7900 series GPUs based on the GCN architecture, the new card also comes equipped with 6GB of high-speed memory. The card’s extreme specifications are guaranteed to meet the needs of extreme gamers and power users everywhere! MSI’s popular Afterburner utility also fully supports the new HD 7990 with GPU Overvoltage. Apart from adjusting the core frequency and voltage as well as monitoring the graphics card’s voltage, temperature, and memory utilization, Afterburner can also be used with MSI’s powerful Kombustor benchmarking utility to easily test overclocking stability. AMD’s exclusive Eyefinity 2.0 technology supports multiple display outputs to offer players a more immersive gaming experience. Support for the latest DirectX 11.1 next-generation rendering standard means the new graphics card delivers both ultimate performance and a wide range of powerful functions.


Dual 28 nm HD 7900 GPUs for extreme performance

AMD’s 28 nm process offers the dual advantages of high performance and low power consumption, delivering total performance that far exceeds previous products. The MSI HD 7990 is equipped with two 28 nm HD 7900 GPUs for unbelievable performance. In addition, the MSI HD 7990’s massive 6GB of memory allows high-resolution graphics to be rendered more smoothly and large numbers of rendering tasks to be handled with ease, satisfying the needs of both gamers and professional workers alike.

Exclusive MSI Afterburner: Overclocking with GPU Frequency and Voltage Adjustments

MSI’s Afterburner overclocking utility has always been popular with the media, gamers and overclockers. Complete graphics card support and continuous updates makes Afterburner the ultimate graphics software option that competitors cannot outdo. Afterburner enables the card’s core frequency and voltage to be adjusted and offers advanced fan speed controls, monitoring of various values, and multiple configuration settings. Right now, gamers can use the popular Predator video capture software to record in-game movies to share with friends and post them on Youtube. Also, the powerful and totally free Kombustor graphics card benchmarking utility allows for quick stability tests that clearly show the performance of the graphics card.

7990-io-290.jpg 7990-3d2-290.jpg

AMD Eyefinity 2.0 Multiple Display Technology

Improved Stability with Solid State Capacitors

The MSI HD 7990 supports AMD’s exclusive Eyefinity 2.0 multiple display output technology. With four mini DisplayPort 1.2 output ports, a single card can be connected to up to five displays simultaneously with full support for 4K ultra-high definition video. A wider view not only improves productivity for professionals, but also provides gamers with even better, more immersive visuals during gaming. DisplayPort 1.2 also supports 3D video output and 7.1 channel loss-less TrueHD and DTS-HD sound. The MSI HD 7990 offers full support for DirectX 11.1 and OpenGL 4.2 next-gen rendering standards so gamers can experience the most impressive and realistic gaming effects to date. The MSI HD 7990 graphics card utilizes solid-state capacitors to ensure that the Tantalum core remains highly stable even after extended use under high load conditions. With a 10-year lifespan, users can rest easy knowing that their MSI card won’t cause crashes or delays from overheating, and will instead continue to deliver the best computing experience possible for many years to come.

Technical specifications

Name R7990-6GD5
GPU AMD Radeon HD 7990 “Malta”
Processors 2x 2048
Core Clock / Boost Clock 950 MHz / 1000 MHz
Memory 6GB GDDR5, 384 bits
Memory Speed 6 GHz
TDP an Dimensions <375 W, 304x106x38mm
Overclocking MSI Afterburner, GPU Voltage, GPU Frequency


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