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Archive for November 26th, 2021

Ozone Gaming: Giants e-sport Video

  Here you can see how a e-sport Team called Giants becomes one of the best LOL players in the world. Now, they are living in a Gaming House in Cologne, Germany, where they are training hard in order to be the winners, in order to be the best.


Leetgion El’Druin RPG Mouse

In the midst of a highly competitive mouse market dominated by several very popular products, Leetgion is trying to make a splash with the El'Druin RPG Mouse. The El'Druin looks to battle the competition with bold claims of innovative features and advanced customizable ergonomics. At a price of $100, the El'Druin is among the upper echelons of gaming mice. It's not cheap, but it looks intriguing. Is it worth the premium? Can the El'Druin satisfy the needs of RPG gamers? Let's find out.

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