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MSI introduces Wind Top AP2021

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Posted January 8, 2013 by Kevin in Other

All-in-One PC for commercial markets


MSI continues its focus on business applications and has launched the new AP2021 20 inch All-in-One PC. The AP2021 incorporates advanced design concepts to roll a wide range of functions into one device, combined with comprehensive business applications, to meet the vertical application needs and commercial markets of a variety of fields. The AP2021 also integrates a Multi-Touch functionality to provide users with a more intuitive user experience. Wind Top AP2021 uses the third-generation IntelĀ® Core processor, whose revolutionary computing capabilities permit more efficient multi-tasking. This system also comes with a pivot stand (optional) and via its 2 COM-ports it can be connected to POS-devices such as barcode scanners and billing systems. All together, this makes the MSI AP2021 the best tool for both personal and daily office usage. The MSI AP2021 will be available in stores across Europe by middle of January.


Comprehensive range of commercial applications

The MSI Wind Top AP2021 all-in-one PC is equipped with a comprehensive range of input/out interfaces, to meet the needs of users in different industries and business areas. It has two COM ports to support use in office environments with POS systems, such as hotel registration desks, 24-hour convenience stores, filling stations, luxury boutiques, etc. This feature makes the Wind Top AP2021 the ideal tool for a wide range of business environments, with the potential to replace existing POS systems. The comprehensive range of input/output interfaces is combined with MSI Super Charger technology, which allows charging from a USB port even when the PC is switched off, and with USB 3.0 transmission interface, giving a ten-fold improvement in data transmission speed. These capabilities can meet a wide range of business needs; whether you need to give a presentation during a meeting, output information onto an in-store display, implement rapid transmission of high-resolution content, or handle big files.

Pivot stand and auto-rotation function

To enable the Wind Top AP2021 to meet the needs of different industries even more effectively, MSI has designed the AP2021 with a Pivot stand (optionally available). This stand offers a high degree of flexibility; the display pivots freely, it can be swiveled left or right, and the height and display angle can be adjusted easily; the display can also be stood up perpendicularly on the desktop. The AP2021 also incorporates the auto-rotation function found on some smart-phones and tablet PCs; when the display is adjusted by 90 degrees, the image displayed on the screen automatically changes to match the new display position, without the user needing to make the adjustment manually through software. This feature represents a significant advance in terms of practicality and convenience.

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