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CES 2013 PureOC Coverage

Posted January 22, 2013 by Kenny in Cases & PSU


Last but not least, we have NVIDIA. We were hoping to stop buy and hear about some more news on maybe its up-coming or future plans for the graphics card arena; however, they didn’t have much of that on display this year at CES. Most of their hardware was focused this year on mobile tech.

They had the hand-held gaming device, called Project Shield, which was the popular attraction of the booth along with some NVIDIA Powered vehicles.

Here is a glimpse at the Tesla Model S that was on display and the main attraction at the booth. The booth was so busy that we were talking almost shoulder to shoulder, so getting a full shot of the car was pretty hard. We managed to capture this shot.


We tried to capture a shot of the interior but this was all we managed to get.

Over at the rear of the booth, we caught this machine in action running 3D gaming with 2x GTX690 cards on a Maingear build for NVIDIA.

Here’s a closer shot of the system build!

They had the game running on 3 displays, which was awesome!

After NVIDIA, unfortunately we ran out of time and they started to kick everyone out of the CES convention halls, since the show was over. Let’s sum things up.

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