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CES 2013 PureOC Coverage

Posted January 22, 2013 by Kenny in Cases & PSU

Lian Li

If you know the company Lian Li, you know that they are the number one case maker of FULL Aluminum chassis. Lian Li has been known for the high-end and light-weight production cases available in today’s market. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk about what we should be expecting in 2013.

First, they had 8 new cases on display that were going to be released over the next 2 quarters of 2013. However, we wanted to capture the most interesting release they had. We are looking at what we can remember is the PC-V200 model (Please don’t quote us on the model number as the signs were moved around quite a bit). As you can see this was an interesting design. The fans are taking air from the side and blowing it right over (where the components would be installed); however, it’s not taking air from the side panel. It will be taking air from an air duct system on the rear of the chassis.

Here is a closer look of the duct style cooling feature.

We thought this was an interesting design layout. Also if you notice here, the motherboard tray is no longer solid. What Lian Li did here was use a Tubular design that is adjustable to fit each user’s needs. This way, the case will get great airflow traveling along the side and back with more spacing at the rear.

As you can see, it’s completely hallowed out on the rear motherboard tray. This was an interesting design layout. Unfortunately, due to the large amount of visitors they had at the booth, we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of the case complete.

Here was another interesting prototype we saw. This will be a small ITX form factor case. It was very different, and we are excited to see what the final production model is going to look like. The ITX form factor has gotten popular over the years and we can definitely see users using this for an interesting build. We believe this model is PC-Q30.

Here’s a side view of the Chassis.

With its small form factor, this will also need a small form factor PSU.

Another interesting item we saw was an NUC case from Lian Li. This little case was simple but got quite a bit of attention.

Here are some specs of the NUC PC-N1.

Thanks again JP for showing us around the Lian Li booth. It’s always great to see new products and innovative designs.

From here it was pretty late into Friday afternoon and many vendors were starting to pack up and get ready to close up shop; however, we had a chance to stop by a few quick booths that were nearby.

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