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Cooler Master Seidon Liquid Cooling System – Seidon 120XL/240M unveiled

Seidon 240M & 120XL Chino, California – January 23rd, 2013 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, announces its expansion to its All-In-One (AIO) watercooling line. Creating the industry’s first AIO liquid cooler in 2004 with the Aquagate Series, Cooler Master strived to improve the design and technology that runs its AIO solutions before signaling their return. The result of which is a unique pump and block design that sets itself apart from a sea of copies – The Seidon 120M and the new Seidon 120XL and 240M. It continues the promise of continuing a long line of quality and affordable AIO solutions from Cooler Master. Liquid Cooling for the Masses Seidon 120XL and 240M, designed from the ground up to be solutions that are accessible to all. Affordable can often be a stigma, but quality remains a high priority with Seidon 120XL and 240M. They both have a high performance waterblock that is machined out of a single block of copper with special Micro Channels that maximize heat dissipation. The integrated pump / waterblock combo assist in saving valuable space around the CPU socket while providing performance and reliability that is similar or better than bulky air-based CPU coolers. Operating between 600 and 2400RPM, the two included 120mm PWM fans ensure that there will be plenty of options for balancing performance and noise to a user’s needs. 120XL provides more surface area with a thicker...

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