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FinalWire Unleashes AIDA64 v2.80

OCZ Vector and Intel Atom Z2760 Support The new AIDA64 update offers optimized benchmarks for Intel Atom Z2760, implements support for OpenCL 1.2 Update and OpenGL ES 3.0, and provides GPU details for the latest AMD Radeon and nVIDIA GeForce graphics accelerators. New features & improvements Optimized benchmarks for Intel Atom Z2760 “Cloverview” SoC Preliminary support for AMD “Richland” APU and Intel “Valleyview” SoC Improved support for Intel “Haswell” APU and Intel “Lynx Point” PCH APP SDK 2.8, OpenCL 1.2 Update, OpenGL ES 3.0, Simple Firmware Interface support OCZ Vector SSD and Indilinx Barefoot 3 SSD controller support GPU details for AMD Radeon HD 7470, AMD Radeon HD 7870 “Tahiti LE”, nVIDIA GeForce GT 635M, nVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX What’s new since AIDA64 v2.00 Microsoft Windows 8 RTM and Windows Server 2012 RTM support OpenCL GPGPU Stress Test Enhanced UPS support SensorPanel graphs and gauges Revamped Desktop Gadget Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for AMD A-Series “Trinity” APU and FX-Series “Vishera” CPU Revamped PhotoWorxx digital photo processing benchmark with AVX, SSE4.1 and XOP optimizations Rewritten AES data encryption benchmark with AESNI, SSE4.1 and VIA PadLock optimizations Support for Intel Atom “Cedarview” processors Support for Intel Core “Ivy Bridge” APUs and Intel 7-Series chipsets Preliminary support for AMD “Kabini” APU Preliminary support for Intel “Haswell” APU and Intel “Lynx Point” PCH Pr...


Azio Levetron GM533U Gaming Mouse

Azio recently started to pick up in the gaming device department, and with the popularity of gaming devices rising, they are trying to capture that audience with some very interesting devices. Today we will be taking a look at the Azio Levetron GM533U 9 button Laser Gaming Mouse to see how it stacks up against its competitors. One of the most notable features of this device is that it supposedly contains a Laser optical reader that can hit 5000 dpi. Additionally, the device's aesthetic appeal is quite unique, and is definitely worth checking out. Of course, while aesthetic appeal is a large factor in consumers' buying decisions, we also like to see products that perform to their advertised specifications. So, with some interesting design decisions and impressive hardware specs, will the Azio Levetron GM533U 9 Button Laser Gaming Mouse capture the right audience? Let's find out as we move forward.


Genius Redesigns the Pen Mouse – Mouse On Your Palm, Jeans and Other Unconventional Surfaces

Genius, after receiving great reception for its Pen Mouse from consumers, has introduced the carbon grey Pen Mouse with a redesigned shape for improved grip and pen clip for portability. Using 2.4 Ghz wireless technology, Genius’ Pen Mouse, shaped like a fountain pen, allows users to sit back in their chair and use their leg, palm, or any number of unconventional surfaces, as a mouse pad. Even while standing or giving presentations users can use Pen Mouse to control their PC. Not just a convenient mousing option, Pen Mouse also helps those with wrist problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome as it prevents aggravating injuries unlike regular mice as it does not require use of the wrist. This mouse functions on almost any surface, including your palm, with its three dpi settings, switchable between 400/800/1200 dpi to accommodate various sensitivity preferences. A slight, downward push activates the left-click, while right-click and flying-scroll buttons, towards the tip of the Pen Mouse, give users a brand new mousing experience that is both comfortable and accurate. Pushing the flying-scroll button and vertically or horizontally moving the Pen Mouse produces fast and convenient scrolling. The wireless Pen Mouse connects to desktops and notebooks via USB with a very small, Pico dongle. Powered by a single AAA battery, Genius’ Pen Mouse enters a power-saving sleep-mode when not in use. To start mousing again, simply press any button. Also, provided is a carrying c...


OCZ Technology Adds New 750W and 850W Power Supply Models to Its PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Portfolio

OCZ Technology Group, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) and power management solutions for computing devices and systems, today announced that it has added 750 W and 850 W power supply unit (PSU) models to the award-winning Silencer Mk III Power Supply Series from PC Power & Cooling. With these new high-wattage options, the Silencer Mk III provides a professional-grade power solution rated for industrial usage and provides the performance and stability required for demanding computing environments. “Building on our highly reputable Silencer Mk III core architecture, we are very pleased to deliver new high-wattage options that provide the ultimate in efficiency and stability while delivering ultra-quiet operation and a modular cable design for which this portfolio is highly regarded,” said Bob Roark, Vice-President of Power Management for OCZ Technology. “With the addition of 750W and 850W models, the Silencer Mk III Power Supply Series once again defines the ultimate power management solution for today’s professional and enthusiast users.” The Silencer Mk III 750 W and 850 W are rock-solid power supply solutions that meet the stringent 80 Plus Gold certification for exceptional energy-efficiency ratings and support over 90 percent efficiency under typical workloads. Featuring its popular Dual Thermal Control System (a sophisticated operation that allows either PSU model to be switched seamlessly between...


Patriot Supersonic Rage XT 32GB and Boost XT 32GB Flash Drives

Replacing the glacially slow USB 2.0 as the go-to standard of choice for those who want speed, USB 3.0 boasts huge speed increases that can allow us those faster transfer speeds we want, while still maintaining large capacity and highly portable nature of those ubiquitous flash drives. And this brings us to today's topic of discussion: the Patriot Supersonic Rage XT and Boost XT USB 3.0 flash drives. Sporting a USB 3.0 interface to improve performance, these little drives pack 32GB of capacity onto a form factor that can fit onto your key ring. Read on to find out how fast they are.


Xtreme Addict Makes a Clean Sweep in the GIGABYTE ‘Winter OC Whiteout’ Overclocking Competition

Wins Fantastic Prizes from GIGABYTE and Cooler Master   Taipei, Taiwan, January 24, 2013 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announces the winner of its latest overclocking competition, the ‘GIGABYTE Winter OC Whiteout’. Running from December 21st 2012, to January 20th 2013, the ‘GIGABYTE Winter OC Whiteout’ competition was an open overclocking competition hosted at HWBOT.org. Congratulations to overclocker Xtreme Addict who won all three stages. ‘Winter OC Whiteout’ Stages: Stage 1: 3DMark11 “No 2011″- Any Non-Socket 2011 Intel CPU; Single GPU only Stage 2: 3DMark Vantage “Dual core” – Dual or Single core Intel CPUs only; Single GPU Stage 3: Heaven DX11 “Full Out” – Any Intel CPU; Single GPU only Stage Scores Stage 1: 3DMark11 – 17786 Marks Stage 2: 3DMark Vantage – 31222 Marks Stage 3: Heaven – 4074.44 DX11 Marks Bonus Stage: A bonus prize is also claimed by Perica_barii, offered to the submission photo that most creatively inspires the festive spirit. The winner was determined by the number of Facebook likes on the GIGABYTE Motherboard Tech Column Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GIGABYTEmotherboards Prizes Stage Prizes: · GIGABYTE Z77X-UD4H motherboard · Cooler Master Seidon 120M liquid cooling kit Bonus Stage Prize: · GIGABYTE Z77-HD4 motherboard · Cooler Master Sirus S-5.1 gaming headset For full contest rules, scoring and more details, p...


iBUYPOWER to Feature New Revolt Gaming System at Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Events

January 23, 2013, City of Industry, CA — iBUYPOWER is proud to announce that it is the official high-performance PC gaming partner of Major League Gaming (MLG), the premier competitive gaming destination, for the second year in a row. Going into 2013, the demand for high-quality, extreme performance gaming systems is increasing faster than ever, and iBUYPOWER is at the forefront of PC gaming system development. Starting at the MLG Winter Championship in Dallas, Texas, from March 15-17, the world’s best gamers will utilize iBUYPOWER PCs for all Pro Circuit events.  “iBUYPOWER understands the needs of serious gamers. Gamers who want the highest quality hardware at an unbeatable value, come to us. There’s no better time to be a PC gamer,” said Darren Su, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of iBUYPOWER. “As a core partner of MLG, we took it upon ourselves to ensure that our gaming systems are at the bleeding edge of technology. We also understand that the PC gaming industry has all but innovated. We wanted to break this cycle; we wanted to break the standard.”  During the 10th Annual, 2013 MLG Pro Circuit, the PC competitions will be powered exclusively by the groundbreaking REVOLT, a class-leading gaming system designed to fuse exceptional performance and design into a single entity. The latest Intel processors and NVIDIA GTX graphics exclusively power the REVOLT. Competitors will be able to experience no-compromise gaming on a true next-gener...


New CPU Cooler – GAMMAXX S40: Small size. Big Performance.

Deepcool is proud to announce a new CPU cooler in the name of GAMMAXX S40, which aims at good performance in a compact size. More pictures can be found on the product page: http://www.deepcoolglobal.com/Product/GAMMAXXS40/


Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower Case

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you the Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Mid-Tower case, designed by a company well known in Europe for their manufacturing and design of their legendary Green Nanoxia Nano-bearing fans and peripherals. Nanoxia has now entered the Enthusiast arena with a brand new arrival, called the Deep Silence 1. It is a modular mid-tower chassis with a simple but classic design. This innovative mid-tower chassis is the foundation for a whole new line of future products whose objective is to offer the perfect symbiosis of ideal system cooling and sensationally low noise levels in one package. They are also designed especially for use in high-end & gaming systems. In the course of the many years of developmental work by Nanoxia culminated in the Deep Silence 1, the focus was always on two requirements: minimize noise and minimize system temperatures. Substantial effort was invested to minimize the noise levels, yet still keep things cool. The side panels and top cover are fitted with specially designed, noise reducing insulation materials to minimize and absorb any noises. The solid front doors use sound absorbing materials that contribute significantly to the most effective noise reduction achieved by the Deep Silence 1. Also responsible for the quietness of the case are the three pre-installed Nanoxia fans of the brand new DS-Series. This most recent Nanoxia fan-series features a new impeller design, optimized for the best possible mix of silence and co...


Cooler Master Seidon Liquid Cooling System – Seidon 120XL/240M unveiled

Seidon 240M & 120XL Chino, California – January 23rd, 2013 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, announces its expansion to its All-In-One (AIO) watercooling line. Creating the industry’s first AIO liquid cooler in 2004 with the Aquagate Series, Cooler Master strived to improve the design and technology that runs its AIO solutions before signaling their return. The result of which is a unique pump and block design that sets itself apart from a sea of copies – The Seidon 120M and the new Seidon 120XL and 240M. It continues the promise of continuing a long line of quality and affordable AIO solutions from Cooler Master. Liquid Cooling for the Masses Seidon 120XL and 240M, designed from the ground up to be solutions that are accessible to all. Affordable can often be a stigma, but quality remains a high priority with Seidon 120XL and 240M. They both have a high performance waterblock that is machined out of a single block of copper with special Micro Channels that maximize heat dissipation. The integrated pump / waterblock combo assist in saving valuable space around the CPU socket while providing performance and reliability that is similar or better than bulky air-based CPU coolers. Operating between 600 and 2400RPM, the two included 120mm PWM fans ensure that there will be plenty of options for balancing performance and noise to a user’s needs. 120XL provides more surface area with a thicker...


Cougar GX-S 600W

While premium kilowatt power supplies may garner much of the attention and buzz in the marketplace, it is the more affordable, mid-range units that quietly bring in the profits. And that's where the Cougar GX-S 600W might offer a solution. While this unit isn't a behemoth like some we've seen of late, the GX-S 600W is 80PLUS Gold certified and comes with a price of $119. Seems pretty good so far, so let's take a closer look at this Cougar power supply and see how it fares.


CES 2013 PureOC Coverage

Introduction With CES 2013 going into full swing and manufacturers showing off their new line of tech gadgets that will be released this coming year, we took a short drive out to the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas, Nevada to check out some of the exciting news. While this Massive show was impossible to fully cover with the few days we were there, we managed to catch up with a few of our sponsors and check in with them to see what we should expect for this coming season. First we would like to thank: Cooler Master, Kingston, MSI, Sapphire Tech, Zalman and Lian Li for meeting with us during the show and showing us the new gadgets for this year. While these were the manufacturers we managed to meet with, we also headed down to the massive convention hall to check out some other items by: LG, ViewSonic and nVidia.   Cooler Master Let’s first thank Lulu and Nic from Cooler Master for inviting us up to the suite to check out the items we are excited to talk about. We have here the Cooler Master QuickFire Rapid Mechanical keyboards. While this keyboard already has a model release for sale we are actually looking at a different model. This is Cooler Master’s new line of the QuickFire Rapid Stealth keyboards, the keys are blacked out at the top and each letter has been moved to its front side as you can see from the picture. This is great for those that don’t really need the letter visible from the top and are really looking for that sleek look. Also this will ...


Thermaltake Bigwater 760 Pro —New Advanced 2U Drive Bay CPU Liquid Cooling System

Taipei, Taiwan – January, 18, 2013 – In general, the components inside PC do heat. The standard heat-sink and fan combo is usually sufficient for the users in average; however, when the PC has been pushed harder, they will run hotter, or even overclocker’s PC might achieve the bleeding edge. In order to build a liquid-cooling system for PC to ensure that all precious components do not burn out, Thermaltake, the pioneer brand for the liquid-cooling system launching a new highlight with a new model series while continuing a tradition that has repeatedly met with great enthusiasm throughout the history of the Bigwater Series –“The Bigwater 760 Pro”, a new breakthrough for CPU liquid cooling system emphasized on its superior performance and more advanced cooling technology. The easy installation and space saving design of Thermaltake Liquid Cooling Systems are constantly please the liquid cooling users. Big Water 760 Pro, the new Dual drive bay design, not only saves space but also with room management in the case. All new designed aluminum fan radiator delivers better performance than the predecessors. Controllable low noise and high performance 12CM blue LED fan (fan speed between 1600 to 2400 RPM) with a front control VR knob to adjust fan speed conveniently; Ultra quiet P500 pump pushes 500L/H of water to improve the overall cooling efficiency and performance level; water reservoir contains large capacity of liquid, along with the clear liquid level indicator d...


Thermaltake Toughpower XT Platinum 1275W

Lately we've started seeing a few more 80Plus Platinum certified power supplies, and today we're looking at one from Thermaltake: the Toughpower XT Platinum 1275W. It's a rather stealthy aesthetic, but good looks and nice features will only get you so far though, as performance is what matters in the end. Coming with a price tag of $290, the Thermaltake Toughpower XT Platinum 1275W certainly brings a premium price tage, but does it have the top performance to match? Let's find out.


Genius Announces 12-Button Professional Gaming Mouse for the GX Gaming Series – Gila

Customize to Your Own Gaming Style January 17, 2013, Chino, California – Genius today announces the Gila professional gaming mouse, a 2013 CES Innovations Award Honoree, to the North American market. Offering unparalleled precision and comfort, the Genius GX Gaming Series Gila is the ultimate configurable gaming mouse. With the 12-button Gila almost every aspect can be tweaked according to gamers’ preferences: on-the-fly dpi changes, weight, LED brightness, pulsation and color as well as macros for a personalized playing style. Precision Control with Sniper Mode and On-The-Fly Adjustable Dpi: 200 to 8200 The Gila packs features for gamers that need to excel. For situations that require pixel perfect precision “Sniper Mode” slows down mouse movements to a dpi of your choice by simply holding down the assigned button. Genius’ GX Gaming Series Gila lets gamers switch among 5 different previously assigned dpi levels directly from the mouse for precision targeting (200 dpi) to lightning fast movements (8200 dpi). Adding Gila’s 1 ms response time to aid in situations that require quick twitch reactions, this GX Series mouse is capable of keeping up with any gaming scenario. Personalized Weight Tuning Customize the weight of the Gila however you prefer. A maximum of six 4.5 gram weights can be added to a compartment in the underside for sturdiness or no weights can be used at all for unburdened lightweight movement. Unique LED Customization Options Offerin...

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