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Mushkin Expands Award-Winning Atlas deluxe(TM) Product Line with World’s Fastest 30GB mSATA Solid-State Drive

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Posted November 8, 2012 by Kevin in Storage, HDs & SSDs

As you know, we are a huge proponent of SSD caching, and think every single system should have it installed now. And with motherboards such as the Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H include an mSATA adapter onboard, setting up a cached system can be clean and easy.

One problem with lower capcity SSDs is that with fewer NAND channels going to the controller, performance can suffer. And although a 30 GB cache can give you a noticeable performance gain, you may not be getting as much as possible out of it.

In that case, you might want to check out Mushkin’s new Atlas Deluxe 30GB:


Using 32nm toggle flash allows Mushkin to pack in more NAND dies per chip than they would with MLC flash. This saturates the SandForce controller as much as possible for a 30GB SSD, and the specs reflect this: 555 MB/s read, 365 MB/s write, and 92K read and 70K write IOPS at 4K random.

Check out the full press release here, or after the break:


Austin, TX — Nov 08, 2012 / — Mushkin, Inc., an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, today announced the worldwide launch of its new 30GB Atlas deluxe(TM) mSATA solid-state drive (SSD), scheduled to start shipping this month.

The new 30GB Atlas deluxe(TM), the latest from the award-winning mSATA SSD product line, is the fastest on the market, featuring read/write speeds up to 555/365 megabytes per second, and 4KB random read/write IOPS up to 92,000/70,000. Atlas deluxe(TM) delivers SSD reliability and performance, in a lower-powered, smaller mSATA SSD form factor that measures about an eighth of the size for easy installation on any device with an mSATA slot. Validated for NVELO Dataplex(TM) caching software and Intel(R) Smart Response Technology, the Atlas deluxe(TM) mSATA is well-suited as a cache for existing hard drives or as a standalone SSD for thin and light laptops and Ultrabooks(TM).

“Atlas deluxe(TM) is one of the top mSATA SSDs on the market today, having won Editor’s Choice from TheSSDReview.com for delivering ‘top performance at an unbeatable price,’” said Brian Flood, Director of Product Development at Mushkin. “We are pleased to expand this award-winning product line with a new 30GB offering. Even the most demanding customers can now satisfy their performance needs at a price that just makes sense.”


– SandForce SF-2281 SSD processor with unthrottled IOPS firmware

– SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) interface (backwards compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s)

– Supports ATA APM, Security Set, NCQ

– TRIM support (OS/driver support required)

– S.M.A.R.T. support

– Built-in BCH ECC (Up to 55 bits correctable per 512 byte sector)

– High speed MLC NAND

– MO-300 (mSATA) form factor (50.80 x 29.85 x 4.85mm)

– User-upgradeable firmware


– 3-year limited warranty

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