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Freezer i30 CO – Enthusiast Intel CPU Cooler for Continuous Operation

Posted November 5, 2012 by Kevin in Cooling

Main Features

• Superior cooling capacity – 320 Watts
• Dual ball bearing for continuous operation
• 4 direct-touch heatpipes ensure efficient heat dissipation
• Flexible mounting system for various air flow preferences
• Virtually silent with interchangeable 120mm PWM fan and rubber vibration absorbers
• Sturdy mounting mechanism with metal clips and back-plate
• MX-4 thermal compound included (syringe, 0.8g)

Cooling Performance on Intel Core i7-3960X (overclocked)
Freezer i30 CO (at 1,350 RPM)
 44.8 °C*
Boxed Cooler (at 2,020 RPM)
 73.4 °C*
Ambient temperature: 25 °C | *Heat spreader temperature

Noise Level on Intel Core i7-3960X
Freezer i30 CO (at 1,350 RPM)
 0.3 Sone
Boxed Cooler (at 2,020 RPM)
 1 Sone

Please download the spec sheet (PDF / Word) here for more information.


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