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ENERMAX Enters the Liquid CPU Cooler Market with Revolutionary QSC Technology

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Posted September 25, 2012 by Kevin in Cooling

Enermax proves again its technical leadership in cooling segment: After the successful market introduction of the CPU cooler series ETS-T40 and ETD-T60 last year, the premium manufacturer now reveals the first models of the ELC liquid cooler series. They are based on a completely new cold plate design and ensure a much quicker and more efficient elimination of hot spots. The applied Twister fans with the innovative Tri-Cooling function provide a durable and silent operation. Three models, ELC120-TB, ELC120-TA and ELC240, will be available for sale from next week on.

Quad-Shunt Channel – New Patented Cold Plate Design
Under the guidance of Dr. James Huang, Enermax engineers broke the physical bottleneck of heat dissipation within the micro-fin structure of cold plates. According to the fluid mechanical theory of the “Boundary Layer”, a part of the liquid will form a continuously growing laminar flow layer on the metal fins that massively obstructs the heat dissipation. By adding four shunt channels, Enermax successfully prevents the formation of the boundary layer and enhances the liquid flow inside the cool plate. Hot Spots can be eliminated much more effective.

Twister Fan with Tri-Cooling Function
As usual, Enermax relies on the durable patented Twister fan bearing. While the ELC120-TB and ELC240 are equipped with Europe’s best selling T.B.Silence fans, the ELC120-TA comes with two eye-catching T.B.Apollish LED fans. The new Tri-Cooling function of the Enermax fans allows for an individual speed range adjustment according to the system requirements. End users can choose one of three RPM modes: In Silent Mode, the fan runs with maximum 1,500 RPM and achieves up to 2,200 RPM in Overclock Mode.

User-friendly and Long-during All-in-One System
The liquid coolers ELC120 and ELC240 are based on a close-loop system with pre-filled coolant that is designed for a reliable and leakage-free operation over long years. Therefore, Enermax does not compromise on quality and durability. The robust ceramic bearing of the pump ensures a stable and low-noise performance. To avoid the evaporation of liquid, the manufacturer relies on a seamless tube made of FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene), a highly resistant and at the same time flexible material. A well-thought mounting system ensures a quick installation and perfect contact force with the CPU. The Enermax liquid coolers support all current Intel and AMD platforms.

Availability and Prices
The new liquid coolers from Enermax are available for sales from next week on. MSRP incl. VAT: €89.90 for the ELC120-TB/TA models and €119.90 for the ELC240. In November, Enermax will introduce the ELC125, another high-end model with thicker 48mm radiator.

For more information, visit the product pages of ELC120 and ELC240.

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