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Archive for November 29th, 2021

COUGAR Introduces Extremely High-efficient and ECO-friendly Power Supply, the GX-S

Many people and organizations have their computers running 24/7 whether it is for remote access or cloud-computing requirements. These always-on computers eat through a lot of energy. COUGAR is proud to address the growing need for super-efficient power supplies with the introduction of their newest ECO-friendly power supply, the COUGAR GX-S series. Coming in 3 variations, the GX-S series of computer power supply units offer an extremely high efficiency rate of up to 93%, and are compliant with the 80-PLUS® Gold efficiency requirement. They are made with a special rugged black coating with an attractive gold colored painted logo. Saving Energy, Loving Earth With the current global energy crisis, the focus is on efficiency and electronic products are facing the daunting challenge of delivering high performance, while consuming less power. The COUGAR GX-S PSU was designed from the ground up to achieve high efficiency in its power supply management. One way it achieves this is with their LLC topology design. The LLC resonant topology lowers the switching losses which boosts efficiency during power switching. The GX-S series also has the most advanced energy-saving design to fit in with the latest Eco-Friendly EuP regulation and ErP Lot6. The power consumption less than 0.9W in PC off-mode, which can save quite a bit of energy and money and of course it supports the ENERGY STAR 5.0 rating. Fully Compatible The GX-S series is fully compatible with the latest PC technologies, s...

AMD Announces 2nd generation AMD A-Series desktop APU Set to launch

AMD is set to launch the up-coming 2nd generation AMD A-Series Desktop APU code name “Trinity”. The previous generation AMD APU “Llano” will be replaced by this new platform using the FM2 Socket and its new chipset configuration of the A55, A75 and A85x. If you are not familiar with AMD’s APU line of processors they combine the CPU and GPU performance under one chip and include its own discrete graphics with the onboard CPU. These are designed for the mainstream ultrathin notebooks, all-in-one PCs, traditional desktops, home theater PCs and embedded applications. The improvements we are looking to see from the 2nd generation’s APU that will be the most notable is: Double the performance per watt of the previous generation; The AMD HD Media Accelerator with a unique set of technologies designed to optimize video quality available with premium and Internet video content, and accelerate video file conversion; An increase in CPU performance of up to 29 percent with higher processor speeds thanks to the next-generation AMD “Piledriver” CPU core with 3rd-Generation AMD Turbo Core technology, where power is dynamically shifted between the CPU and GPU depending on application needs, effectively providing a more responsive experience that can boost CPU frequencies to up to 3.2 GHz; AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Series graphics for an increase of graphics performance up to 56% over the previous generation. Combined, the CPU and GPU cores deliver ...


DeepCool Gamer Storm Assassin CPU Cooler

Over the past several years we have seen some impressive air coolers. The competition is fierce, and nearly every brand has had some great products. There is always someone looking to take king of the hill in reputation. Today we will be looking at Deepcool's new Assassin Air Cooler to see if it can take that spot. The Assassin Cooler by Deepcool is designed for hardcore gamers looking for extreme performance without having to spend a huge amount of money on water cooling. The twin tower designed cooler could potentially give some of those all-in-one water cooling kits a run for their money. Today we will put it through its paces and see if that is true. At a glance, it appears that the design engineers of the Assassin really want to make this cooler one of kind. The specific design of the aluminum fins isn't something we have seen before, and it really makes an impression. They didn't stop there though, even the hardware included with the cooler was first class, right down to the fans, the nuts and the bolts. Right off we are taken with the unique design. The massive heat pipe this cooler includes is really breath taking. As we delve deeper into the Storm Assassin during this review you will see how Deepcool may have really taken the crown in the air cooler market. Before we move forward lets talk a little more about Deepcool as a company.

TRENDnet Launches Performance Oriented Entry Level Wireless Router

TORRANCE, Calif. –September 27, 2012–TRENDnet, a best-in-class wired and wireless networking hardware brand, today announces the availability of the N150 Wireless Router, model TEW-712BR, a performance oriented entry level router with the power to easily stream HD video to your television while surfing the internet. The TEW-712BR is designed for moderate Internet users who live in an average sized home. Connect computers, NAS drives, and printers to the four Ethernet ports on the back of the router. The router supports 150 Megabit per second (Mbps) theoretical wireless speeds—the same speed as embedded wireless cards in most tablets, laptops, and smart phones. The latest encryption protocols protect your valuable wireless network. Ease of Use An intuitive guided router setup takes the work out of creating a wireless network. A convenient on/off button on the back of the router safeguards router components. LED displays on the front convey wired and wireless status. Connecting computers to the router is even easier using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Gone are the days of entering complicated encryption codes. Simply press the WPS button on the TEW-712BR, and then press the WPS button on a compatible wireless adapter. Confirm you would like to connect and the devices automatically exchange information and connect. Access Controls Users are empowered with the ability to manage connected devices, websites access, and access to file types. Parents can create a list of smar...

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