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Archive for November 29th, 2021

Gigabyte GA-X79S-UP5-WIFI and GA-X79-UP4 Dual Motherboard Review

New products in the desktop sector have taken somewhat of a break for a bit. Intel's latest Ivy Bridge release has settled in and Haswell is slated for mid 2013. As for the immediate future, Intel is on the brink of releasing Ivy Bridge "E" extreme processors in the next quater, and Intel continues socket 2011 with the X79 chipset. In the mean-time, some may have forgotten that Sandy Bridge "E" processors still remain a viable and even better performing platform than Ivy Bridge. Today, we have a dual-motherboard review for you guys today, and both of them are from Gigabyte. Gigabyte is one of the top tier motherboard manufacturers and there was no mistaking that their last release, the Gigabyte Z77 Sniper M.3, was well executed. The Z77 Sniper boasted more features and benefits than any other Gigabyte motherboard, and we were frankly dazzled by the product. Just as the Z77 chipset upgrades to PCIE and USB 3.0, the X79 chipset already has these features with only one issue: Sandy Bridge "E" processors do not support PCIE 3.0. Still, in many respects, the Sandy Bridge "E" is the best alternative in terms of raw performance, at least until Ivy Bridge "E" is released.

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Lian Li Debuts Two New Full Tower Cases – PC-A75X & PC-A76X

Holding the Maximum Hardware in Two Sleek Styles 12 September 2012, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd, today announces two new brushed aluminum full tower chassis – PC-A75X & PC-A76X. These two new HPTX supporting chassis while having the same internal design offer two different aesthetic styles to fit your personal preference. Two Aesthetic Styles Whether you prefer a front panel with visible ventilation or a more monolithic design, these two new 585mm (23”) tall and 220mm (8.6”) wide chassis will fit your style while holding the hardware you desire. The PC-A75X’s vented front panel allows cool air to be easily pulled into the chassis, and the two 5.25” bays are easily accessible from the front. The front panel of the PC-A75X is also tool-lessly removable. For those who prefer a more monolithic design, the PC-A76X has a lockable solid aluminum front bezel door covering the fans and 5.25” bays. Vents on the side of the door and bottom of the chassis ensure that cool air is pulled into the case, while still keeping its elegant design. Hardware Capabilities The hardware capabilities of the PC-A75X and PC-A76X are identical and staggering. Both of these HPTX supporting cases can hold up to twelve 3.5” HDDs and up to three 2.5” SSDs using the 3.5” bays. The drives are easily installed thanks to included anti-vibration mounts and a tool-less sliding lock to fix the hard drives into position. Three 140mm fans blow cool air directly acro...

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