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Cooler Master’s Silent Pro Hybrid Series

  Chino, California – September 7th, 2012 – Cooler Master, an industry leading chassis, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, is proud to announce that the world’s first in power supply technologies, the high end Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W, has now been improved to offer even more value and quality. Extended Warranty Cooler Master carefully selects high quality and durable components to build its Silent Pro Hybrid. Showing that we fully stand by this, the warranty has been doubled to provide a full 10 years of coverage from date of purchase for the updated Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W in the United States. Ensuring that all of these owners can partake in this new addition, the warranty extension also applies retroactively to those Silent Pro Hybrids that were purchased prior to this announcement. Premium Individually Sleeved Cables Cooler Master has a reputation as a company that keeps an open and accessible presence across popular enthusiast forums. This is where fans, and critics, can provide their input. Cooler Master listens and strives to help find a mutually beneficial solution to each issue. Answering one of these calls, the improved Silent Pro Hybrid 1300W power supply model will include a full set of premium individually sleeved modular cables that will add that extra touch of professionalism to an otherwise flawless build. About Silent Pro Hybrid Series Silent Pro Hybrid Series includes the features that many enthusiasts demand such as ...

Introducing Ghost

The most dangerous opponent is the one you can’t hear. Designed for silence, Ghost features BitFenix Serenitek™ Silencing material on the front door and side panels to keep unwanted system noise from throwing you off your game. Ghost comes ready for 240mm water cooling radiators, while the top-mounted S4™ storage compartment houses a SATA hot swap port for convenient file transfers. The outside is coated with BitFenix NanoChrome™, a new surface treatment which gives both metal and plastic a uniform look. The dual-hinge door design gives you the flexibility to open the door from the left or the right on-the-fly. Whisper-quiet Spectre™ fans keep both noise and temperatures down, and anti-vibration HDD trays dampen noise even further. With support for long graphics cards, Alchemy LED strips, the latest solid-state drives and USB 3.0, Ghost gives you everything you need to strike fear in the hearts of your opposition. Features BitFenix Serenitek™ Silencing Material Silence is golden. Developed by BitFenix Labs, this acoustic foam layer absorbs unwanted system noise from fans and hard drives, while maintaining a light and thin profile. Lining the inside of the side panels and the dual hinge door, Serenitek keeps noise trapped inside Ghost so you can focus on the task at hand. Water Cooling Ready What better way to cool a silent system than with liquid cooling? That’s why Ghost comes equipped with room for a 240mm radiator on top, and hides it away with a h...

DCMM – already over and very successful!

Once again, as in the last years, multiple teams were competing for first place in the “24h Live-Modding” contest at the Germany Case Modding Championship. We have supported multiple teams, and the “Chaosmodder” team managed to win first place with their ingenious plan! Besides lots of fun and a great competition, this year’s DCMM also produced many great Mods. These mods can now be viewed here at We-Mod-it.de!


Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced Ultra Mini ITX Compact Case

With the home theater becoming a big part of the family entertainment experience, many of us are on the lookout for the perfect home theater computer case. Most of us need something with a small foot print yet big enough to hold the necessary hardware. Also, its aesthetics need to fit in with your home theater surround sound system, so looks are paramount. Today we will be looking at the Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced HTPC to see if it’s just what the doctor ordered. Here's a brief description of the case. The Cooler Master’s Elite 120 Advanced is an ultra-compact case with support for full size high-end components. The Elite 120 supports a full size ATX PSU, the largest video cards, 5.25” optical drive bay and will hold a combination of up to 5 HDDs and SSDs. The Elite 120 Advanced also features 3 fan positions for excellent air flow to keep the system cool and quiet. It's nicely painted in a matte black throughout and topped off with a stylish front bezel that features an anodized brushed aluminum fascia. Check out more at the link...

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