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Archive for November 29th, 2021

ECS Advances Motherboard Durability + Stability with Hyper Alloy Chokes

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) is pleased to announce their newest advancement in motherboard durability and stability with the implementation of Hyper Alloy Choke. The next generation of ECS’ gold plated Alloy Choke technology, the Hyper Alloy Choke are ideal for overclocking because of their high energy efficiency and heat reduction. Under unstable currents or high stress workloads, standard chokes are more likely to burn out or result in a system shutdown. ECS’ Hyper Alloy Choke offer 1.5x more stability thanks to ECS’ advancements in choke technology and the high-quality raw materials that make up these chokes. Compared to standard chokes, ECS Hyper Alloy Choke are able to reduce heat 13% better, and they have a tolerating temperature range that is 50 degrees wider. The ECS Hyper Allow Choke also achieve much higher energy efficiency with 30% higher energy savings compared to the industry standard. With extremely wide stable operating temperatures and greater energy efficiency, ECS boards with Hyper Alloy Choke thrive in punishing overclocking and heavy power users’ scenarios. ECS’s gold plated Hyper Alloy Choke are resistant to corrosion and oxidation which leads to longer and more dependable life spans. These ECS chokes are also more energy efficient, reducing power consumption and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). This provides a safer and more stable operating environment for users. The ECS Z77H2-A4 will be the first motherboard t...

NZXT Launches Cryo V60 and X60 High Performance Notebook Coolers

Today NZXT is debuting two new high performance notebook coolers the Cryo V60 and the Cryo X60. So whether you need a notebook cooler for your high performance gaming notebook or a slim notebook cooler for your ultrabook or smaller notebook NZXT has you covered. The Cryo X60 is designed for larger notebooks, while the Cryo V60 is slimmer and perfect for traveling. Read on to find out more about these two new notebook coolers from NZXT. NZXT Cryo X60 Following in the footsteps of the award-winning Cryo LX and Cryo S, X60 delivers high performance cooling for notebooks up to 16” with two 120mm fans and an integrated 5 speed fan controller for maximum versatility. NZXT employs a unique asymmetrical design with large, vertical mesh cutouts for improved airflow. Cryo X60 ups the ante with 4 additional USB ports and the option to power the fans through a USB connector or AC adapter. Functionality is further enhanced by adjustable leg heights for added comfort. “Notebooks provide a lot of advantages to desktop computing with mobility, versatility, and ease of use” said Johnny Hou, Founder of NZXT. “But, the biggest drawback of tightly condensing so much advanced technology is that it creates a ton of excess heat. Cryo X60 strategically directs a high level of airflow to ensure that gamers, creative professionals, and every day users can beat the heat and avoid stress on critical notebook components.” Cryo X60 will be available for $59.99 in June. For product information...


HIS 7970 X

Not only does this HIS 7970 X come with a Turbo overclock among the highest on the market, it also sports the company's latest IceQ X2 custom cooler. From what we've seen of HIS in the past, we're hoping for some great results on this card, not only in terms of performance but also low temperatures and noise. The 7970 X also has a couple surprises in store for those wanting Eyefinity gaming out of the box, up to Eyefinity 6 in fact. It's a very special premium graphics card, but the question is: Can the HIS 7970 X beat the GTX 680? Click through to find out.

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