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Cooler Master Case & Cooler Mod Contest 2012

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Posted August 10, 2012 by Kevin in Other

2011 marked the most successful Cooler Master Global Case Mod Contest to date with a grand total of 89 completed projects spanning 37 different countries. Many of the projects went on to be featured in top media outlets around the world and were showcased at the world’s largest trade shows such as CeBIT and COMPUTEX.

The 2012 Cooler Master Case Mod Contest promises to eclipse prior years by pushing the boundaries farther than ever before. Cooler Master will do this by calling upon talented modders from across the globe to showcase their skills in the “Tower Mod” and “Scratch Build” categories. This will be the first year that modders may step into new territory by submitting entries for the brand new “Cooler Mod” category.

Will you rise to claim your seat alongside the best or will you be cast down into obscurity? The choice is yours.

Get more details at: Mod Contest 2012

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