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GIGABYTE Launches Flagship Z77X-UP7 Motherboard

Taipei, Taiwan, August 27, 2012 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today launched their latest overclocking powerhouse Z77X-UP7 motherboard, featuring the industry’s most robust 32+3+2 power design with Ultra Durable™ 5 high current capable components including 60A rated IR3550 PowIRstages® chips from IR. “With the Z77X-UP7 and its 32+3+2 power phase design featuring Ultra Durable 5 technology, we have created the very best CPU power design of any motherboard available today,” commented HiCookie, GIGABYTE In-house Overclocking Expert. “Not only does this help extreme overclockers to reach 7GHz+ on their Intel® Core™ i7-3770K CPUs and take down benchmark records, but it also provides System Integrators with a platform cool and stable enough to withstand the rigors of an always-on, overclocked water cooled system for their customers.” Industry Leading 32+3+2 Phase CPU Power Design The GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 motherboard delivers a serious amount of power through its 32+3+2 power phase design (32 CPU phases, 3 Intel® HD Graphics, 2 VTT phases). With the industry’s highest phase count, the Z77X-UP7 motherboard is able to share the workload between 32 phases, ensuring lower working temperatures and maximum CPU power delivery. Ultra Durable™ 5 Featuring the award winning GIGABYTE Ultra Durable™ 5 technology with high current capable components including 60A rated PowIRstages® from IR, the Z77X-UP7 is abl...

CyberpowerPC Debuts its “Customizable” Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Stylish ZEUS-M “Ultrabook”

BALDWIN PARK, CA (August 28, 2012) – CyberPower Inc. www.cyberpowerpc.com, a global manufacturer of custom gaming machines, today announced the Cyberpower ZEUS-M – a 14.1-inch screen ultra-responsive and ultra-sleek Ultrabook, inspired by Intel.  The CyberpowerPC Zeus-M has the ideal blend of performance, portability and smart capabilities to get any user through the day. The Zeus-M is powered by a visibly smart Intel Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge Dual Core Processor; energy-efficient HM77 chipset; 60GB SSD; and includes 8GB of system memory for ultra-fast response.  For those looking for more power, CyberpowerPC is offering its Zeus-M2 model; which features the same powerfully efficient Core i5-3317U processor with 16GB of system memory and a 120GB SSD. No bulk gets added to either the Zeus-M or the Zeus-M2 despite the beefy system specs. Both Ultrabooks measure under an inch thick and weigh less than four pounds.  The Zeus-M continues the tradition of the Zeus series with a combination of a sleek and stylish exterior coupled with powerful internal components. Unlike other Ultrabooks, CyberpowerPC customers can customize the Zeus-M with additional memory and/or solid state drive options. The Zeus-M starts at a very affordable $699.00. While its slightly powerful counter-part, the Zeus-M2, starts at $799.00.  The Zeus-M features onboard Ethernet and WiFi 802.11b/g/n, but takes connectivity a step further with Intel Smart Connect Technology. With Smart Connect, your emai...


CoolerMaster CM Storm Ceres-400

Cooler Master CM Storm Ceres-400, it delivers high-quality sound, in a rugged yet comfortable and light weight frame. Built for gamers “on the go”, Ceres-400 delivers great ultra mobile sound at an affordable price. High Quality 40mm drivers bring out every detail in the game so you can react quickly and hear where the action is. Specially designed sound-absorbing cushions sit comfortably on your ears and help block out distractions or chatter from other gamers. Ceres-400 lets you enjoy the comfort, quality and competitive edge of a professional-grade gaming headset wherever you go. Click here to read more about our review on the Ceres-400

Aquatuning new fitting series in matte black!

As the demand for black fittings has always been rather high, we have decided to offer a new fitting series. In beautiful matte black these fittings are now in stock. Everything was thought of: Connectors, bushings, manifolds, angled fittings and much more! The first batch of over 100 different fittings can be found in the fitting section, e.g. here.

Giada Announces i35V Series Mini PC with Included mSATA SSD

Compact Size, Low Power Consumption and Fast Boot-up August 28, 2012, San Francisco, California – Giada, a brand of Jehe Technology Inc., (JEHE) today announces the i35V Series Mini PC. This Giada mini PC series comes with a 32GB mSATA SSD providing ultra fast boot-up speeds and offers an ideal combination of price and performance in a space saving format with very low power consumption. Ideal for SOHO users who need a ultra compact PC for mix of home office, home theater, and entertainment applications, the 1” wide Giada i35V provides the functions that these users need at a reasonable price point without overwhelming them with features that are rarely used. This Giada mini PC is powered by Intel® Atom D2500 Series CPU and comes with 2GB of RAM (upgradeable to 4GB), offering more than enough power and memory for home / home office users while only consuming 24W. The 32GB mSATA SSD not only provides fast boot up of the operating system but also quick start up of applications. About the size of a book, the Giada i35V can be placed inconspicuously on a shelf, desktop or underneath the TV. Compounded with the fact that this compact mini PC is also lightweight, it can also be effortlessly transferred between work and home in a bag without any strain or hassle. Plenty of connectivity options, including five USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA and SPDIF-out, let users connect this mini PC to a multitude of devices and displays. The i35V also offers gigabit network socket, high speed 8...

Z77 MPOWER: Changing the overclocking game

Setting the OC baseline MSI, one of the world’s Top-3 Graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, is extremely happy to announce the availability of the MSI Z77 MPOWER, world’s first OC Certified mainboard. With the Z77 MPOWER MSI is changing the game for everyone looking to get the best performance out of their CPU without worrying about long-term stability. Thanks to the OC Essentials, Military Class III components and Twin Frozr IV inspired thermal design the MSI Z77 MPOWER can withstand extreme loads in long duration overclocking tests. All in all, the MSI Z77 MPOWER promises to be the best choice for gamers and overclockers alike OC Certified OC Certified is MSI’s overclocking testing procedure where MSI’s Z77 MPOWER mainboard is tested for stability with a 24-hour Prime95 stress test. OC Certified tests a mainboard in three key areas: OC Performance Stable Power PWM Cooling OC Performance means that all OC Certified tests are run at a minimum of 4.6 GHz CPU speed, this simulates the high-end overclock range of today’s 3rd Generation Intel Core CPUs.Stable Power is tested by running Prime95 for 24-hours in low airflow conditions. This ensures that the PWM is capable of supplying stable power to the CPU under extreme conditions.The PWM cooling is stressed in low-airflow conditions combined with high overclocks. Other motherboards might become unstable or fail under these conditions. OC Essentials With OC Essentials the MSI Z77 MPOWER provides all the essent...

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