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Archive for February 28th, 2021

ASRock X79 Extreme 11

The full array of Z77 motherboards has been introduced throughout the industry and Ivy Bridge is now a mainstay for Intel. With all the hype and migration, many have forgotten about another viable, and arguably better, computing platform. Yes, the X79 platform is still alive and so are Sandy Bridge "E" processors. The Sandy Bridge "E" processors have more computing power over "vanilla" Sandy Bridge and Ivy bridge due to the increased L3 cache. With that said, Ivy Bridge "E" processors are due to arrive 4th quarter 2012. The Ivy Bridge "E" series will carry the same architecture with a die shrink and more transistor density than it's little brother version of Ivy Bridge did. The transistors are Intel's new 3D Tri-Gate Transistors which operate more efficiently and Ivy Bridge "E" still uses socket 2011.

MSI AE2281G and AE2081 world’s first Windows 8 certified All-in-One PC’s

MSI is proud to announce that the MSI Wind Top AE2281G and the MSI Wind Top AE2081 have been officially certified for the to be launched Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Herewith, these MSI products are world’s first All-in-One PC’s officially certified for Windows 8. With the Approved-status in the Windows hardware certification report for the MSI AE2281G and AE2081, the user can be guaranteed to run the Windows 8 operating system smoothly on his All-in-One PC. The certification reports can be read here and here. Both models come with a 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, the NVIDIA® GeForce® GT630M graphics card and a Multi-Touch display (optional). To ensure a stable working environment, both All-in-One PC’s are equipped with high quality Military Class components that have an optimal lifetime during heavy conditions. Furthermore, two high speed USB3.0 ports with MSI Super Charger technology and four USB2.0 ports ensure a great amount of connectivity options. The MSI AE2281G All-in-One PC is included in the official MSI Windows 8 upgrade program, which enables the user to purchase an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for €14.99,- in the period of 2nd of June 2012 – 31st of January 2013. For more details about the MSI Windows 8 upgrade program, go to: http://event.msi.com/aio/2012/win8_upgrade/

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