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ECS Announces Full Product Line-up in Readiness for Windows® 8 Support

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Posted June 21, 2012 by Kevin in Hardware

Including all ECS motherboards, graphics cards, and AIOs currently on the market, ECS’ products are optimized to take full advantage of the improved speeds, capabilities and features with the most anticipating technology “Microsoft Windows® 8”, allowing users to fully experience its unique operating system.

After the success of Windows 7, this year Microsoft has revealed it’s another masterpiece-Windows 8. Apart from the old-known operating system, Windows 8 has brought up a brand new image beyond your imagination.

The upcoming Windows® 8 not only break through the traditional design, it also strengthens the function of touch browser and function-oriented design platform. Windows® 8 feature a wide range of enhancements and performance, which including Supportive on both X86 & ARM based devices, Metro Interface, Instant Hybrid Boot, IE 10 Support, Fully touch-optimized browsing Experience, Native Support of USB3.0, Own Windows APP Store, Personal Cloud Integration and Start screen is tile-based and customizable along with scalable full-screen view of the apps.

An innovation leading company ? ECS, is the first company to have full product line-up ready for Windows® 8 support. As an innovation leading company, customers’ needs are always the core consideration for product design, and the customer-oriented design concept has been the power for its self-progression. Making a unique and glory prominent product is the only purpose that ECS keeps driving.

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