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COUGAR introduces entirely new gaming product line with their brand new mechanic

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Posted June 13, 2012 by Kevin in News

COUGAR, leading German PC case and power supply brand, reveals a preview of their entry into the high-end gaming keyboard market. As COUGAR have themselves already well-positioned as first choice for games when it comes to top-notch cases, PC power supplies and ventilation solutions, they are now reaching out into the even more hands-on and all-decisive keyboard segment. For their debut model they have chosen nothing less than Cherry Red mechanical switches as very basis. In doing so, the COUGAR ATTACK offers leading reaction sensitivity even by low impress force. Each key is LED-backlit, and the light can be changed to individual preferences. In the current development stage those colors will probably be white, black, blue and red. Bundled key-caps and an included key-puller allow the user to individually highlight those keys he is most dependent upon in his individual game-play. Furthermore, the COUGAR ATTACKS gives users the option to lock most of the keys while self-defining which ones to remain active for current use.

Keys are Key

With the thoughtful G-key design, you don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of the game by accidentally hitting the Windows key anymore. The 8 Macro keys let you easily access most frequently used functions or access and execute more than a single key command at a time. The multimedia keys round it further up, by controlling all of your music volume with the easy access media controls.

Hardware at Ease

By implementing gold-plated USB connectors, transmission performance is effectively increased and more efficient resulting in the elimination of delays. Four non-slip rubbers underneath the keyboard warrant for steady usage even in high-action situations, and the removable braided USB cables provide for easy cable-management, but are also a safety feature in case you get just a tiny bit to violent with your keyboard and would potentially rip out the cables, now you just plug them back in

If all of this isn’t quite enough information for you learn hands-on and in-depth about the COUGAR ATTACK mechanical keyboard in this video. Furthermore you will get a sneak-peek of COUGAR’s first 80 Plus Platinum power supply, the PTX offers 94% power efficiency.

For more information visit COUGAR on the web: http://www.cougar-world.com/

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