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CIARA Technologies Gets Liquid Cooled

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Posted June 19, 2012 by Kevin in Hardware

Montreal, QC – June 19, 2012 – CIARA Technologies, global provider of IT products, technologies, software, solutions and services, partnered with CoolIT Systems, leading supplier of liquid cooling systems to produce the next generation of Datacenter Servers, Office Cluster and High Performance Technical Workstations with improved energy efficiency and better performance results.

The result of the significant engineering effort on behalf of both CIARA and CoolIT, is a line of customized and record breaking performance products that are now being shipped to customers all over the world.

“CIARA has a long history of developing high-performance and ultra-low power consumption systems for today’s customer requirements and datacenter infrastructure. Our close collaboration with CoolIT Systems on the customization of their liquid cooling technology, permitted the CIARA engineering team to develop the world’s most power efficient rackmout servers, the quietest deskside cluster and the world’s fastest technical workstation available on the market” said Patrick Scateni, Vice President Sales and Marketing of CIARA Technologies. “All these innovations were possible due to CoolIT’s leading edge and proven technology.”

The partnership with CoolIT means that some of CIARA’s largest datacenter customers are now safely using 10’s of thousands of rackmount liquid cooled servers and saving 100’s of thousands of dollars in energy saving cost.

“Working with CIARA to address the unique demands of 1U Servers and High Performance workstations has resulted in an exciting and innovative partnership. CoolIT is very proud to be the liquid cooling technology supplier to help enable unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency within CIARA’s new products.” Added Geoff Lyon, CEO, CTO of CoolIT Systems.

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