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AZZA Genesis 9000

Posted June 29, 2012 by Kevin in Cases & PSU

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One of the most innovative features you’ll find in the Genesis 9000 is a removable motherboard tray that can be installed in two opposite positions. Placed in the standard ATX orientation, your CPU is next to the top exhaust fans. Rotate the motherboard tray 180 degrees, the exhaust fans are now in close proximity to your graphics cards. Placing a huge exhaust fan next to your hotspot is one simple solution that helps to keep the computer cool locally.


Since the physics of good airflow demands global planning of the positions and the directions of the cooling fans to ensure adequate air intake and proper exhaustion, the Genesis 9000 is engineered with the power supply installed at the front bottom, so that 2 x 140 mm bottom fans can blast cool air upward with the excess heat dissipated via the 2×230 mm top fans. This design generates a vertical airflow that allows air to flow uninterrupted in a straight line from bottom to top, providing optimal cooling for the entire system.


The full-tower case can also support dual-power supply, as a second power supply may be installed at the rear bottom.


Genesis 9000 is as accommodating as it is thoughtful. The array of attentive features includes its capability to house a gigantic 480 mm water cooling radiator, the longest available in the industry. In fact, this expansive case has enough room for up to three radiators — one 480 mm, one 240 mm, plus one 120 mm.


It is the first case in its class to support graphics cards up to 400 mm in length. Maximum compatibility with motherboards allows for installation of XL-ATX, E-ATX, Full ATX, and Micro ATX. It is equipped with two Easy-Swap HDD slots (up to five), supporting up to nine 5.25” drive bays. With nine expansion slots, it is fully capable of accommodating quad-SLI.

Combining all of these innovative features, the Genesis 9000 offers cutting-edge over the conventional and delivers a gaming experience second to none.

The Genesis 9000 is available now in Black and White, priced at $149.99 (after $20 MIR). Please visit www.azzatek.com for more information.

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