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Apacer’s compact high-speed mSATA industrial SSD

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Posted June 14, 2012 by Kevin in News

SSDs, with their advantages of high performance, compactness and low power consumption, are the perfect adaptation of storage products to the emergence of tablet PCs and Ultrabooks. Indeed, SSDs have become the defacto storage solution for ultra-thin notebooks. Apacer, a leading manufacturer of industrial SSDs, understands the demands for even more compactness and has produced a new mSATA A1 modular SSD that features a SATA 3.0 high-speed transmission interface and complies with JEDEC MO-300 standard codes. Currently, this model supports Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Response technologies, enabling users to enjoy an almost immediate start-up within seconds and enjoy a continuous high performance of the computer.

Apacer’s latest mSATA A1 modular SSD is only one-third the size of credit card. With dimensions of 50.8 x 29.8mm and the product thickness being only that of a single PCB panel, it can streamline the space on the motherboard and free itself from the limit of the dimensions of the traditional mechanical hard-disk foot-print. In terms of product performance, the mSATA A1 delivers excellent numbers. It uses high-speed ONFi 2.2 DDR NAND Flash memory and the cache memory of plug-in DDRII, realizing maximum sequential read/write speeds of 470/200 MB/sec and IOPs of up to 50K, providing remarkable performance. In addition, thanks to its high speed, the newly launched product supports Intel Rapid Start and Intel Smart Response technologies, especially fit for high-speed Ultrabooks and it is capable of starting-up within seconds, delivering perfect high performance and a smooth operating environment.

Currently, in addition to using the highly reliable SLC chip structure and boasting a capacity of up to 128GB, the mSATA A1 series is being introduced together with the mSATA A1-M series using MLC chips with a capacity range of 32GB ~ 256GB for customers who take the product cost into account. To strengthen product performance, this product series offers various value-added technologies including Global Wear Leveling, 40 bit/1k Byte Error Correcting Code and intelligent power failure recovery, all of which give optimal reliability and stability for the product.

Apacer also notes that firmware and major components of all the products can be fixed upon customer’s demand and verification. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues by providing customers with a reliable and stable supply. Apacer expects that samples of this series will be available for customers to run test on in the third quarter of this year. Please feel free to contact your local Apacer sales representative.

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