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RunCore to show strong presence at ESC Silicon Valley 2012

Posted March 21, 2012 by Kevin in News

RunCore, leading developer and brand manufacturer of high-end Solid State Drives (SSDs) and storage solutions, is once again taking part in and showcasing at the world’s leading conference for the design and development of embedded systems, the ESC Silicon Valley (Electronics System Conference) in San Jose from Mar 26th to Mar 29th, 2012. RunCore will show SSD innovations ranging from consumer, enterprise to industrial solutions. The focus of RunCore’s product line-up will be on most advanced SSD storage solutions that provide highest speeds and lowest power consumption with best data security/lifetime. These characteristics make them ideal components for highly advanced embedded system in almost any field of application.

As the miniaturization in computing is continuously progressing, this is also the case for storage demands. RunCore is addressing this demand with their Rugged SSD for Embedded Market – rSSD series – offering highly sophisticated small form factor SATAII SSD solutions for embedded systems. Dimensions of these rSSD are compressed dramatically by virtue of the 104-ball FBGA packaging when compared to conventional drives, while reducing power consumption to 670 mW and offering a wide range of operating temperatures from -40°C up to +85°C.
RunCore’s expertise is especially strong in the enterprise and industrial sectors, where reliability, speed and energy efficiency of utmost importance. With the RunCore Elite V mSATA series for SATA II implementation, RunCore delivers an ideal solution for applications such as in-car, medical equipment and industrial/military embedded systems.

RunCore’s Xapear is a smart SSD solution with multiple features of data protection. RFID access authentication, allows you to split your data into freely accessible once, and those that are only accessible by applying a special RFID key. To ensure the security of sensitive data, all data in the RFID Authentication area are with an AES encryption. Only with the proper RFID certification access to the drive is possible. If a third party tries to get access to the data by other means, only undecipherable codes would appear. Furthermore, Xapear has different methods to activate destruction to ensure data security under different circumstances, remote data destruction by simply sending an SMS from the binding mobile device, and one-bottom to data destruction for urgent cases. In order to show more specifically about the features, RunCore has prepared a live demonstration of this innovative remote storage control technology at its booth.

For consumer usage, the award-winning RunCore Pro V Max series of notebook SSDs represent ideal speedy, yet affordable storage upgrades for fast data access and highest reliability. This SATA III 2.5” SSD weighs a mere 80g. Ultra-thin notebooks can take advantage of the RunCore Pro V 2.5-inch 7mm series with SATA III connectivity, delivering 4KB Random Read/Write speeds of 50,000 IOPS and 60,000 IOPS respectively. Both come in capacities of 60/120/240/480GB.

More Information about RunCore here.


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