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Huntkey Expanding Their Mobile Power Bank Offers With 3 New Models

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Posted March 29, 2012 by Kevin in Hardware

Huntkey Enterprise Group, a global professional power supply provider, is broadly expanding their line-up of portable Power Banks to charge USB port powered devices such as mobile phones, media players, GPS, cameras and even modern tablet PCs. With people traveling around a lot, commuting, being on the move or just at the beach, they tend to schlep along quite a few digital devices that they wish to be powered all the way until they get to the next power outlet in the wall. Portable Power Banks meet exactly those needs of modern digital nomads. A Power Bank is basically a battery the size of a mobile phone but allows you to recharge your digital devices several times with one load. As an indicator you refer to the mAh (mili-Ampere per hour) rating, defining how much power can be stored in the respective Power Bank.

For their “spring 2012 collection” Huntkey is introducing 3 Power Banks with different looks and designed for different application fields. The Huntkey PBA2000 is the smallest one with dimensions of only 64×60×13mm, fitting even into the smallest pockets giving you a recharge capacity of up to 2000 mAh with an output of 5.1/600mAh.

With the Huntkey PBA3500 you’ll keep going 1.75 times as long at 3500 mAh, and at the same time your mobile device should be recharged in almost half the amount of time, as the output value is doubled to 1000mA. The slick black and silver design concept and the dimensions of 118×62×9mm let the PBA3500 appear like a mobile phone itself.

For the most power-hungry and more advance digital devices, the PBA5000 not only supports one USB device at a time, but offers 2 power port connectors. One of those connectors even offers 2100 mA output, which is required by modern tablet PCs, while the second output goes still up to 1000 mA, offering you the most mobile flexibility still staying small enough to be conveniently stored in any jacket pocket.

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