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Visitors Pleasantly Surprised By ARCTIC At CES 2012

Posted February 17, 2012 by Kevin in News

Just a month ago, ARCTIC truly engaged visitors at CES 2012 – the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas. Visitors from around the globe experienced innovative products and, even took them back home. This is due to the fact that visitors at CES and other similar exhibitions today can no longer be satisfied with just showgirls and useless giveaways, they really want to understand what these new products are about through the help of sincere, knowledgeable, and dedicated booth staff. Moreover, visitors need to be able to try these new products the moment that they see them. ARCTIC made this easy for visitors by spinning their cooling fans non-stop throughout this tradeshow so that visitors can experience first-hand what it means to own an ultra-quiet cooling solution.

This year’s major product attractions from ARCTIC included the Freezer i30/A30, the extremely sought-after Accelero Xtreme 7970, and the breath-taking MC101 entertainment center which is expected to be released in April 2012.

Numerous ready-to-play music earphones and headset soon gathered the undivided attention of music lovers with their very own music on their mobile phones and music players at CES. These visitors were not alone during these experiences. Dedicate and knowledgeable ARCTIC staffs were always available to explain these innovative products to them. ARCTIC also realized that product usage alone was simply not enough. Lucky draws and video game competitions with prizes of over 1000 products, and limited time special offers were carried out to further engage consumers. This momentum of exciting product engagement was revived by various free take-back-home trials.

Success was inevitable for ARCTIC at this year’s CES – over 4,000 visitors engaged and over 1,000 visitors who wanted to continue to hear about ARCTIC’s latest innovations through our regular newsletters.

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