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World’s fastest – MSI X79 Series Mainboards

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Posted January 19, 2012 by Kevin in CPU & Motherboards

MSI X79 mainboards with Military Class III components have unanimously proven to be the fastest X79 based mainboards in the world. American overclocker Turn&Burn succesfully overclocked an Intel Core i7 3930K processor to a stunning record of 5.83 GigaHertz on a MSI X79A-GD65 (8D). The 182% overclocking value is the highest for Intel’s “Sandy Bridge-E” processors. Meanwhile renowned Taiwanese overclocker Toppc used a MSI Big Bang-XPower II and Intel Core i7 3960X Processor to set a new record high baseclock 170.33 MHz. These records were made possible through MSI’s exclusive use of Military Class III components on the MSI X79 Series mainboards.

Full Press Release: http://emm.msi.com/display.php?M=34322&C=4e474f5d4e1d1a347e074db90ceae456&S=1442&L=75&N=1562

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