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MSI Announces Sales Promotion with Thermaltake

Posted November 14, 2011 by Kevin in CPU & Motherboards

Leading international mainboard and graphics card maker MSI announces its latest X79 mainboards with LGA 2011 socket that supports the 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors. In addition to its commitment to offer the best product features, MSI has now partnered with well-known cooling solutions manufacturer Thermaltake. To provide consumers with an even better performance and product incentive, MSI paired the X79A-GD65 (8D) mainboard with the Thermaltake Frio Advanced CPU Cooler. The new limited edition bundle is now available through selected major e-tailers and retailers worldwide. Scott Yang, Vice President of Mainboard Sales at MSI.

“MSI mainboards and graphics cards have won unanimous approval for their high stability and high performance since military class components were introduced in recent years. The Intel 6-series mainboards we released this year were also very well received. Our new products are intended to capitalize on our previous success and provide consumers with an even better performing platform. MSI is delighted to partner with well-known cooling solutions maker Thermaltake to bundle MSI’s X79A-GD65 (8D) mainboard with Thermaltake’s top-of-the-line Frio Advance CPU cooler. The combination of the two products will provide the consumers with powerful performance.”Louis Huang, Thermaltake’s Executive Vice President of Business Operation

“Thermaltake is a leading provider of computer cooling solutions and we began offering the Frio CPU cooler series 2010. The Frio is designed to effectively reduce the temperature of CPUs, even when overclocked. Thermaltake has now leveraged our past success to release the all new Frio Advanced CPU cooler for overclockers in the fourth quarter this year. We are very happy to form this new global sales partnership with MSI to provide consumers with the best platform performance. Both brands will benefit from this development.”

Read Full Press Release Here: http://emm.msi.com/display.php?M=34322&C=4e474f5d4e1d1a347e074db90ceae456&S=1333&L=75&N=1442


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