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Kingston Digital Identifies Best Practices for Portable Data Security

Posted November 8, 2011 by Kevin in News

Fountain Valley, CANovember 8,
Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc.,
the independent world leader in memory products, today identified   best
practices and the risks associated with a lack of security policies in
organizations using USB Flash drives containing confidential corporate data.   

is the DNA of any company and as such, must be protected at all times and
handled cautiously and wisely,” said John Terpening, secure USB business manager,
Kingston®. “Data on USB devices should be secured and policies
implemented to ensure the information is safeguarded, stored, downloaded, and
shared with only authorized parties. Failure to do so exposes a company to a
host of negative consequences including non-compliance, fines, financial loss
and lack of customer confidence and trust.”

on Kingston’s extensive market experience and customer feedback, the company
identified the top best practices that organizations should follow to promote
the use of secure USB Flash drives to protect confidential data. The complete
list, Best Practices: Using and Promoting Secure USB Flash Drives in Your
, can be found
here. Below is a list of a few of those recommendations:


Build an Encrypted
USB Plan: Protect & Comply

The best time to develop an encrypted USB
plan is before you need to prove you had one ? incorporate secure USB
Flash drives and policies into your organization’s overall security strategy.

Identify the Most
Suitable USB Flash Drives for Your Organization

Select the correct USB Flash drive that
fits your organization’s needs.
analysis of what your organization needs and knowing there’s a range of
easy-to-use, cost-effective, secure USB Flash drive solutions can go a long way
toward enabling your organization, and your end users, to get a handle on the

Train and Educate

Establish a training program
that educates all employees
acceptable and unacceptable use of USB Flash drives.

Establish and
Enforce Policies

policies for the proper use of electronic portable storage media including, USB
Flash drives.
If you don’t
have the right policies in place for all to follow, USB drives can potentially
be the downfall of your data security strategy. Setting a policy is just the
first step, but it’s an incredibly important one.


breaches continue globally and many are the result of either lost or unsecured
USB drives. Last August, the Ponemon Institute released a report,
The State of USB Drive Security, which
interviewed nearly 750 IT professionals and IT security practitioners from
global companies based in the United States. The report revealed that while companies
understand that employee ‘negligence’ puts their organizations at risk, many of
these same companies do not take the necessary steps to use secure USB drives
and set proper policies. The report found that of those polled, 71 percent do
not consider protecting confidential and sensitive information on USB Flash
drives to be a high priority even though the majority of them feel that data
breaches are caused by missing USB drives.

report further uncovered that businesses are still astoundingly lax when it
comes to USB security despite recognizing the dangers and negative
ramifications. Less than a third of them believe they have adequate policies to
prevent USB misuse and, on average, lost 12,000 customer records per
organization due to missing USB drives. Additionally, a staggering number of
employees use or have used free and unsecured USB drives from conferences and trade
shows, representing a potential security breach in one’s back pocket.

“The solutions for securing USB drives and getting employees to
support and adhere to the rules and policies should not be complex and
expensive, nor should it reduce employee productivity,”
continued Terpening. “Our goal is to help
businesses close the security gap by bridging best practices with
secure USBs and to make it as seamless and simple as possible.”

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