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Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 Motherboard Review

Posted November 14, 2011 by Kevin in News

The NDA revolves around the new Intel X79 chipset, which is their latest platform to run the new and awaited Sandy Bridge-E range of processors. With a new chipset and new set or processors, comes a new range of boards and in typical fashion, Asus are ready for launch with their latest Republic of Gamers board; the Rampage IV Extreme.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen this board, as we looked at it in a preview a while back. When we previewed this particular board, we did it in such a way that we showed you the design and layout of the board so that you could get a real feel for it and to see how things differ, not only with it being an X79 based board, but also how it compares to the older generation boards, like the Rampage III Extreme that utilised the X58 chipset.

As we only showed you the board and accessories, we’re going to kick this review off by showing you the BIOS and then getting straight into the testing phase to see what this board can do as well as looking at how it overclocks.

Am I the only one who is extremely excited about this? I’m pretty sure that it’s not just me to be honest.

Link to review: http://www.eteknix.com/reviews/motherboards/asus-rampage-iv-extreme-x79-motherboard-review/


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