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TeradiciTM APEXTM 2800 PCoIP® Server Offload Card

Posted October 25, 2011 by Kevin in Networking

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployments are complex and difficult for a corporation’s IT staff to predict CPU consumption of their VDI environment. In a typical VDI deployment the responsibility of servicing applications and rendering plus the encoding of the display content for virtual desktops is left to the server’s CPUs. Responsibility for all of these tasks makes it difficult to manage spikes in demands such as that generated from multimedia or graphically-intense applications. If even 10% of the users in a VDI deployment begin watching web videos at the same time, the impact on all of the VDI users can be significant. In addition, it’s difficult to know in advance how much headroom is required to support future applications which could be even more taxing on the CPUs. This situation can lead to an overburdening of the CPUs, a poor end user experience, and a perceived failure in deploying a VDI solution.

The TeradiciTM APEXTM 2800 server offload card by Leadtek Research Inc. provides hardware-accelerated PCoIP® image encoding for server-hosted VMware View™ virtual desktops. Available as a standard PCIe expansion card for industry standard servers, the APEX APEXTM 2800 uses real time statistical analysis to constantly measure display graphical content changes generated by each virtual desktop and automatically offloads the image encoding of the most demanding displays from the CPUs to the APEXTM 2800 card. As demands change the card will seamlessly and automatically shift between hardware encoding on the APEXTM 2800 processor and software encoding on the virtual desktop’s vCPUs. This means that in a typical configuration, up to 64 of the most active displays will be assigned for offloading, providing a significant advantage over CPU image encoding available today.

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