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Genius’ Wizard Stick Wireless Motion Joystick

Posted August 24, 2011 by Kevin in News

August 24, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan – Genius a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics and computer peripherals, has released the new Wizard Stick Wireless Motion Joystick. This unique wireless games controller puts the fun back into PC gaming.

The amazing motion sensitive Wizard Stick connects wirelessly to PCs, allowing unprecedented control of games and applications just by moving the controller through the air. It can also be used like a traditional game control pad. Wizard Stick includes the AIWI gaming platform, which includes a choice of 16 flash games to play on the AIWI website. This innovative controller even comes with Virtua Tennis 2009 from SEGA’s acclaimed Virtua Tennis series.

The Genius Wizard Stick lets players stand up and really get into the game, instead of just sitting slumped over a PC. You can hold, swing and turn the Wizard Stick naturally, just as if you are playing tennis or golf, driving a car or flying a plane. The Wizard Stick works by linking wirelessly to a tiny receiver which plugs into any free USB 2.0 socket.

The package includes the downloadable AIWI software, which can turn any iPhone, Android phone, or iPod Touch into an additional wireless motion controller. In air mouse mode, the Wizard Stick opens up a new world of PC control, allowing users to move the cursor around the screen in any Windows application.

The Wizard Stick is lightweight, only 134g with batteries. Together with its attractive rounded design, this makes it very comfortable to use for long periods. A sturdy wrist strap helps protect both the controller and nearby objects from accidental damage.

This new Wizard Stick will have PC users jumping up out of their chairs as it combines the exhilarating fun of console gaming with the power and choice of PC gaming. With its unique potential, lack of competing products, intuitive ease-of-use, and a great package of games, the Wizard Stick wireless controller is certain to be a smash hit with both casual PC users and hardcore gamers.

Package Contents:

Wizard stick
USB wireless receiver
SEGA Gaming CD
Setup CD (AIWI Platform)
Wrist strap
Two AA batteries
Serial number label for user registration
Gaming manual
Multi-language user manual

The suggested retail price for the Genius Wizard Stick Wireless Motion Joystick is US$59.90
Product information and photos are available at: http://geniusnet.com/wSite/ct?xItem=50259&ctNode=163


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