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Genius’ Two Tower SP-HF2020 Speaker System Available in the USA and Canada

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Posted July 12, 2011 by Kevin in News

12 July, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan – Genius, a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals, has released their new 2-piece 60 watt (RMS) SP-HF2020 speaker system. Now available in the USA and Canada, this speaker system comes with two towers as well as a remote control. Each tower has one high-quality 1” tweeter for treble sound, one 3” close frame speaker for accurate mid-range sound, and two 3” open frame speakers that deliver beautiful and rich sounding bass. These speakers are perfect for enjoying TV, movies, games, and music, and come equipped with a professional-grade D2Audio digital sound processor (DSP) with three equalizer effects: EQ-WideSound to mimic large room/amphitheater sound quality, EQ-DeepBass for heightening and increasing bass level sounds, and EQ-AudioAlign to optimize sound output to a specific location within a room for maximum enjoyment. With excellent sound quality, chic piano black front- and side-panels, Genius’ SP-HF2020 2-tower speaker system is sure to be a hit with North American consumers.

At the bottom of one of the towers on the front-panel, buttons are located to control volume, equalizers, and input source (digital or analog). The six-key remote control includes all of these functions and adds mute and stand-by buttons as well. The back-panel of the tower is home to 2 RCA jacks (right and left audio stereo jacks) for easy connection to gaming consoles, DVD players, and TVs. Additionally, a standard 3.5mm input port is located there as well for connecting to computers, MP3 devices, and CD players. Furthermore, a coaxial input has been placed alongside the other inputs, adding digital sound input compatibility.

With its ability to connect to a wide array of devices, its stylish design, rich and resonant sound output capabilities, in addition to all the excellent features, Genius’ SP-HF2020 speaker system is a great choice and now available in the USA and Canada.

Package Contents:

Two speaker towers
One RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable
One remote control
One multi-language user’s manual

Product information and photos are available at: http://www.geniusnet.com/wSite/ct?xItem=48211&ctNode=148

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