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MSI A75-Series mainboards

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Posted June 27, 2011 by Kevin in CPU & Motherboards

MSI, the global innovator in mainboard and graphics cards is pleased to announce that it is launching a complete line of AMD A75 chipset based mainboards supporting the latest AMD A8, A6 and A4 APUs. AMD’s new APU combines dual and quad-core CPUs with the fastest integrated graphics on the market. The most stable Military Class II Components available have been used to make MSI’s A75-Series mainboards. OC Genie II boosts the graphics performance to new limits and a wide range of SATA 6Gb/s, USB3 and PCI Express ports give plenty of options even on the tiny MicroATX based A75MA-G55.

Read Full Press Release Here: http://emm.msi.com/display.php?M=34322&C=4e474f5d4e1d1a347e074db90ceae456&S=1148&L=75&N=1238

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