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Notepal LapAir

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Posted May 17, 2011 by Kevin in News

Chino, CA ? May, 2011 Cooler Master is proud to announce a product that redraws the line between laptop coolers and working comfortably. This product is the Notepal LapAir and its promise is to give users more freedom to use their laptop where they please. Ultimate Comfort The Notepal LapAir is a simple and elegant solution to a problem that has existed since the mass production of laptops. That is, finding a comfortable way to use a laptop away from a desk without it overheating or burning the user. A laptop cooler and a cushion have come together to create the perfect away from the office companion. It allows users to work on their laptop anywhere they can find a seat or lay down. The LapAir becomes an ergonomic surface for viewing and typing while resting on a users lap. Cooler Master understands that comfort is paramount in these situations and the Notepal LapAir is engineered to deliver. Silent Cooling Fan noise is often at odds with a laptop user?s ability to maintain peace and concentrate on what they are doing. This is no longer an issue with the Notepal LapAir. It utilizes a virtually noiseless cooling fan without sacrificing cooling performance. This is achieved, in part, by using rear air intakes to bring in cool air. It also utilizes a low speed high performance fan to move plenty of air to assist in cooling vital areas of a laptop. We all want clean homes, but it seems that dirt and stains are just naturally attracted to our homes – and even more so if we have kids and pets! Every time you turn around, it seems like there’s a new stain. Some are easy to clean, others not so easy. This is where the beauty of home steam cleaners, also known as vapor cleaners, really shine. In a matter of minutes, with the right vapor cleaner, you can get rid of that stain, and without any of the costly chemical products that can be so hazardous to our bodies and the environment. What kind of surfaces are you wanting to clean? Get more tips about surface care from https://www.moresurfacecare.com/ site. Do you want to clean carpets, hard floors, appliances, upholstery? There are different types that excel for each, and there are even multi-function steam vapor cleaners that do a little bit of everything. Floor steamers are geared towards cleaning hard floor surfaces, such as tile, sealed hardwood, and laminate. Hand held devices are geared towards doing small jobs, such as bathrooms and kitchen appliances. What kind of accessories come with the cleaner, or are available for an added cost. If you are wanting to clean your kitchen appliances, then a carpet steam cleaner won’t have the right accessories to get this done. However, a floor steam cleaner usually come with an accessory to allow it to ‘glide’ over carpet to sanitize the carpet and help remove stains. Multi-function steam cleaners, while not the power house of a dedicated floor steamer, gives you the option to clean many surfaces, such as hard floors, appliances, bathrooms, etc. Handheld steam cleaners come with all sorts of attachments for specialized cleaning. Keep in mind what you primarily want to clean, and keep this in mind when looking at the accessories. Easy Cleaning Dust can be a problem with computer equipment and it is important to make the task of cleaning as easy as possible. The LapAir comes equipped with a high quality mesh panel in the pad that acts as a dust filter for exhausted air. This same pad is easily removed for cleaning via pull tab. A user can then clean the cooling fan and mesh panel effortlessly while not relying on tools for removal or installation. The Notepal LapAir carries a MSRP of $29.99 and will be available at popular retail and e-tail stores soon.

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