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ENERMAX is thrilled to invite you to see its latest performance products

Posted May 27, 2011 by Kevin in News

80 PLUS PLATINUM challenge, achieved.

ENERMAX enters the 80 PLUS Platinum era with new PLATIMAX power supply series.Debuting at this year’s Computex, the PLATIMAX incorporates ENERMAX’s 21 years of knowledge in topologies, thermal solutions, and PCB layout.It creates the performance efficiency to 80 PLUS Platinum level, and still keeps to ENERMAX proud tradition of all-scale safety mechanism to protect your precious system. Together with brother models like MAXREVO, MODU87+, ENERMAX is not only the expert of efficient PSU designer, but also extreme power density and solid quality PSU builder.

Leading thermal resistance performance of 0.09oC/W

ENERMAX now goes even further into the CPU thermal solution industry.The new CPU cooler, ETS-T40 series,combines patented Vortex Generator Flow, Stack Effect, Heat Pipe Direct Touch technologies, plus Vacuum Effect design and ENERMAX renowned Twister-bearing fan. All together taking the thermal resistance value down to an incredible 0.09oC/W, and removing any hot spots on the CPU running at ultra-high speed, gives the CPU the most reliable computing cooling performance.

New HTPX support Flagship Chassis

Need a super graphic / gaming workstation with room for a HPTX MB, room for quad duel-slot +310mm depth VGA cards, massive storage for 14+ storage drives, flexible cooling options for up to 13 fans, front USB 3.0 port and dual power supply units mounts?This big powerhouse needs a big housing, and ENERMAX new Fulmo GT chassis is the answer for the big one.It’s spacious and sturdy constructed will be able to hold the monsters inside!

More “Cool” Cooling

The splendid circular LED Vegas fan family has just become larger with a USB powered member: U.R.VEGAS.The magnetic skip pad allows you to easily place and use this fan inside or outside the system, where a USB power port is available. In addition, it has 18 diodes with 7 switchable lighting modes, a cool gadget to light up any system!



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