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ASUS P8Z68 Series Maximizes Intel?s? Z68 Express Chipset Capabilities

Posted May 11, 2011 by Kevin in News

Fremont, CA (May 11, 2011) – Continuing its innovation leadership, ASUS is excited to announce availability of its P8Z68-V Pro and P8Z68-V motherboards at leading resellers in North America* featuring the Intel? Z68 Express chipset along with ASUS? award winning DIGI+VRM and UEFI BIOS technologies. ASUS is driving the integration of diverse new technologies into its Z68-based motherboard lineup. These include the universal implementation of LucidLogix Virtu? switchable graphics to harness the capabilities of Intel?s 2nd generation Core processors that deliver a stunning and seamless visual experience, low power consumption and Intel Quick Sync Video for incredibly faster video transcoding while offering the flexibility to seamlessly switch to the latest NVIDIA? and AMD? discreet graphics cards on demand, along with Intel?s Smart Response Technology that uses a solid-state drive (SSD) cache** to deliver the combined benefits of SSD speed and traditional hard drive storage capacity while reducing energy consumption.

?The Intel Z68 Express chipset is the first platform to enable both overclocking and the revolutionary media features built into 2nd generation Intel Core processors. We?re thrilled to see a full lineup of ASUS Z68 motherboards designed with LucidLogix Virtu support, allowing users to take advantage of the incredible video transcoding performance of Intel Quick Sync Video Technology, while maintaining support for high-end discrete graphics from all major brands. Users can now enjoy the best of both worlds,? said Zane Ball, General Manager of Intel Desktop Platforms.

Segment-leading digital power delivery and all-new UEFI BIOS
Exclusive ASUS-developed DIGI+VRM technology offers full digital power control that sets a new standard for improved power delivery, system stability, efficiency, reliability and performance tuning compared to competing analog solutions. The ASUS UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) provides mouse input, numerous options and a state of the art graphical user interface for easier, more user-friendly low-level system control and monitoring that outshines dated BIOS or Hybrid EFI designs. ASUS UEFI also incorporates a unique EZ Mode for fast and simple access to powerful system management options for novice PC users or an Advanced Mode that allows unparalleled access to tuning and set-up options for the enthusiast user. Together, these features make ASUS Z68-based motherboards an unrivaled choice for consumers wanting the latest in PC technology.

Industry leading features
ASUS? industry leading AiSuite II offers an unprecedented amount of control for the user to fine-tune performance or monitor their systems in real time. Overclocking is simple, easy and stable with the dynamic real-time Auto Tune overclock mode in AiSuite II. Enthusiasts can fine tune their systems using advanced controls in AiSuite II that include five fine-tuning modes offering increased precision for loadline, CPU current, VRM frequency, power-phase and duty control settings. The degree of flexibility and reliability offered by AiSuite II gives users access to a new standard of simplicity, control and monitoring options.

BT GO! is another ASUS exclusive feature designed for today?s consumers who own the latest in smart phone or tablet technology and want seamless integration with their PC. BT GO! is a hardware based Bluetooth 2.1+EDR controller that offers advanced functionality within AiSuite II like BT Net (internet sharing), Music Player/Streaming, Folder/Contact Sync, File Transfers along with general peripheral connectivity for mice, keyboards, headsets or speakers.

ASUS offers the latest in connectivity features like USB 3 and additional SATA 6G ports to maximize storage options and speed. ASUS also implements a native Intel Gigabit Ethernet controller on select Z68 based motherboards. The Intel Gigabit LAN controller distinguishes itself with superior throughput, large packet performance and reduces CPU utilization compared to other solutions; lastly its software support for varied applications and environments is unmatched within the industry. These implementations continue to show why ASUS is at the forefront of the industry in providing leading I/O connectivity options on its motherboard.

*Check usa.asus.com for product details and availability.? Product specifications and features may change without prior notice.

**Intel?s Smart Response Technology requires an optional SSD (solid state drive) in order to provide the required cache to improve hard drive responsiveness and performance.? Performance improvements are dependent on the size of the cache and SSD specifications.


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