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Let the rockus? begin

Posted March 15, 2011 by Kevin in News

[i]Antec, the leader in PC components has entered the speaker business with the soundscience rockus 2.1. I know there are a lot of different gamer speakers out there but I promise you they have not heard what the soundscience rockus? can do! Not only will the sound amaze you, but I know you would love the upper hand during battle.

soundscience?s 3Dsst technology creates a virtual surround sound experience using a 2.1 stereo speaker setup pumping more than 150 watts of power in your room during gaming. This will be an advantage for gamers to be able to hear the guy that is about to snipe them from behind and I know they would love to be the last one standing at the end of the war.

The anodized aluminum satellite speakers reduce vibration and minimize distortion resulting in clear mid and high-range sound. Also the 3D-tuned drives deliver audio optimized for the 3Dsst technology. The active subwoofer with passive radiator creates an extended low frequency response, producing deep bass from a compact subwoofer enclosure, eliminating the need for a larger, bulkier subwoofer.

Finally, the soundscience rockus 2.1 comes with an Optical input that allows direct connection of digital audio outputs on video game consoles and home A/V components.[/i]

Antec: soundscience? rockus? Speaker System

? Anodized aluminum satellites reduce vibration and minimize distortion, resulting in clear mid and sparkling high-range sound

? Active subwoofer with passive radiator technology, delivering an expansive range of bass comparable to larger footprint subwoofers

? 3D-tuned drivers to deliver audio optimized for soundscience?s 3Dsst technology

? Dual-mode operation: 3D mode for enveloping games and movies, and music mode for faithful stereo music playback

? Optical input for playback of digital audio from game consoles (Xbox 360, PS3,) and other, similarly equipped devices

? Remote control pod for volume adjustment, 3D/music mode selection, muting and digital/analog input selection

Available at: Amazon.com, Newegg.com and Antec?s Online store
Price: $ 249.99
Website: www.soundscienceaudio.com


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