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KiWi PC Launches Linux Desktop Computer for Seniors

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Posted March 17, 2011 by Kevin in News

Miami, FL ? March 17, 2011 ? KiWi PC, a leading manufacturer of computers for senior citizens, is pleased to announce the availability of its new KiWi PC Linux based desktop computer. KiWi PC allows elderly seniors to remain connected and up-to-date in the fast paced world of technology by offering a user-friendly desktop providing immediate access to customizable email, internet and software applications.

?Until now, there has not been an easy way for senior citizens to navigate the internet and stay connected to friends and family,? said Oscar Ferreira, President of KiWi PC. ?Linux based KiWi PC provides the elderly with an easy way to stay in touch, learn and game online.?

KiWi PC desktop computer offers a simple to use navigation system. The fully customizable ?Me Menu? provides users easy access to their most visited websites and programs straight from the desktop. Additionally, the icons and texts are larger to provide increased visual acuity.

The preinstalled ?Evolution Mail? on KiWi PC allows users to integrate their Yahoo!, Gmail, MSN, AOL or any other email accounts making chatting and emailing a snap . Additionally, the base operating system comes with a ?Software Centre? which offers hundreds of free downloadable applications.

KiWi PC is available now for $499.99 MSRP at www.KiWiPC.com.

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