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Dark Rock CPU coolers

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Posted March 9, 2011 by Kevin in Cooling

Glinde, 9th of March 2011 – When it comes to power supplies be quiet! already realised the brand’s name. So, why not even take it further and try to silence and improve other parts of a computer?

A new challenge

Among the power supply the CPU-cooler is the part, which fabricates most of the noise in a PC. So be quiet! Took the challenge to develop a cooler which offers excellent cooling and a near silent operation. As the company stands for maximum performance, they put a lot of effort into the development process. It took them over one year, to work out the perfect combination between performance and noise. Until the finished product there were over 40 prototypes produced and numerous scenarios were simulated.

The silent duo

As a result of all this longsome work, be quiet! presents two very special products: the Dark Rock ProC1 and the Dark Rock AdvancedC1. The two coolers are top notch and were designed for enthusiasts, just like the company’s power supplies. One can see that just by the look of these products. Both coolers look really decent and strong because they are completely nickel-plated. They take advantage of the award-winning Silent Wings fans, which were already used in the newest generation of be quiet! Power supplies.

Dark Rock AdvancedC1

The Dark Rock Advanced is a powerful tower-cooler using heatpipe technology. Six pipes are taking care of the heat dissipation from the massive copper base up to the 44 aluminium fins. The Dark Rock AdvancedC1 can handle CPU power losses up to 180 watts without any problems, while doing so, the 120mm fan runs at a maximum speed of 1500 rpm and creates very little noise level of only 18,8 dB. Rotation speed is automatically controlled via PWM signal.

* Single tower-layout
* Six 6mm heatpipes
* 120mm “Silent WingsPWM” fan, running at 1500 rpm
* Maximum noise level: 18,8 dB
* Maximum TDP: 180 watts

Dark Rock ProC1

The Dark Rock Pro is a cooling-monster. It offers excellent cooling thanks to its twin tower design and two 120mm fans. Seven heatpipes spread the heat, no matter which CPU is being used or how far it?s overclocked. The Dark Rock ProC1 can easily dissipate 220 watts of TDP, whilst its two fans still operate at 25,9 dB.

* Double tower-layout
* Seven 6mm heatpipes
* Two 120mm “Silent WingsPWM” fans
* Maximum noise level: 25,9 dB
* Maximum TDP: 220 watts

Pricing & Availability

Both coolers are available throughout March 2011 starting at 59,99 Euro for the Dark Rock ProC1 and 79,90 Euro for the Dark Rock AdvancedC1.


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