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be quiet! Is manufacturer of the year

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Posted March 18, 2011 by Kevin in News

Glinde, 18th of March 2011 – At the beginning of every year, German print magazine PC Games Hardware initiates a big readers’ survey. People are supposed to choose their favorite manufacturers in several categories from the past year. In the recent journey be quiet! won first place for “PC-Fan” and “Power Supplies”. They also scored second place in “CPU-Cooler (Air)”.

Readers could vote in 26 categories

Readers of PCGH could choose their favorite manufacturer in 26 categories, ranging from “Processors” over “Graphic Cards” to “Power Supplies”, “PC-Fans” and “CPU-Coolers”. be quiet! was nominated in three categories and could earn first place in two of them.

About 15 000 readers gave their vote

Just after several weeks about 15 000 readers already participated in the survey. Not a big surprise, given the fact that they could win really attractive prices with an estimated worth of about 19 000 Euro. Because the PCGH survey is basically direct feedback from the customers, be quiet! is always really proud to win such a title. It’s always a nice approval for the work of dozens of employees.

be quiet! already won five times

PCGH readers’ survey started in 2003 and it was in 2006 when be quiet! could score its first title. Since then popularity seems to rise as be quiet! could win at least one category every year up to this day. Managing editor Marco Albert found some nice words to comment on be quiets success:

“Categories ?Power Supplies? and ?PC-Fans? are being dominated by be quiet! for several years. Our readers seem to trust this brand very much since be quiet! scored second place in ?CPU-Cooler (Air)? even though they just released their first products in this segment. I congratulate be quiet! in the name of all our readers.”

more information at be-quiet.com ? http://newsletter.technikpr.de/t/r/l/jldkvk/ouymikli/t/

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