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PNY Introduces XLR8? GeForce? GTX 560 Ti Graphics Card

PNY is set to introduce the newest addition to their line-up of NVIDIA? GTX 500 series GPUs

1/25/2011 Hardware Reviews

Today's hardware news from around the net.


Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti

Strong gaming performance and big overclocking headroom.


MSI GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II OC

Sleek heatsink, outstanding temperatures, and big overclocking headroom.



Custom cooler, factory overclock, and voltage tweaking on this card.

Digital Storm Enix – Minimalist Aesthetics & 4.7 GHz Overclocks

Sandy Bridge architecture, vertical heat dissipation, efficient internal structure and above 4.7GHz overclocks, create a powerful gaming system unlike any other

CyberPower and Newegg Roll Out High-Performance Gaming Rigs

Including a Pair of Visibly Smart and Powerful Intel Sandy Bridge Systems

1/24/2011 Hardware Reviews

Today's hardware news from around the net.

ARCTIC launches four RC Cars and a remote control

(Pf?ffikon/Switzerland, January 21 2010) While ARCTIC is well-known for value-for-money cooling solutions, the company is proud to expand the existing line of computer hardware products with ARCTIC Hobby. This is a breakthrough in creating a new position other than merely bringing PC modding hardware into the market. The first step into this sub-sector is the launch of several RC toys last week; today, more models will be showcased. On-Road Buggy The on-road buggy has low-profile grippy tires that are able to handle high speed turns on on-road surfaces. Since its suspension is lowered with short shock springs, it has greater flexibility than on-road racing cars in performing jumps and stunts during races. On-Road Car The on-road car is designed to run on paved and relatively flat surfaces, such as a parking lot. Combine with minimal suspensions, and sleek and sophisticated outlook, it also travels with great acceleration. Off-Road Truck The off-road truck is a vehicle that rumbles their way up the steep hills and down the slopes. Land Rider 307 features large truck tires and a chassis that is engineered for driving on roughest terrains. The body and the ground clearance make them perfect for wild jumps in the terrain. Off-Road Truggy The off-road truggy is a cross between a truck and a buggy that combines speed with toughness to tackle wild stunts and wicked tracks. This vehicle is specifically designed for off-road racing while maintaining the qualities of a buggy ? light...


ASUS Radeon 6950 and 6970

Flagship Radeon cards with voltage tweaking capability.


VisionTek 800W 80Plus Bronze

How well does this modular 80Plus Bronze unit stack up?


The PCS++ HD6950 allows unlocking of shaders allowing extra performance

Antec Announces Newest Next-Generation CPU Cooler

Antec?s K?HLER H2O 620 uses Asetek technology, sets latest standard in high-performance and quiet CPU cooling

The shiny EVERCOOL Transformer 3 will attack the CPU cooler market in 2011

This cooler has the shining silver look that is the special feature of Transformer series.


NZXT Bunker

Lockable USB hub to protect your peripheral gear.

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