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Brand new line-up of FSP power supplies family.

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Posted January 15, 2011 by Kevin in News

Premium Power, Gold Standard

AURUM Series ? Brand new line-up of FSP power supplies family. AURUM Series meets the 80Plus Gold Standard with over 90% power efficiency. AURUM Series is the perfect PSU combination of premium quality and efficiency, making it an ideal choice for those who seek for state of the art technology and environmental friendliness at the same time. Aurum?s sleek design and unique rugged Granite-touch finishing makes it a truly regal Power Supply like no other.

With FSP?s MIA IC? Patent Technology, AURUM Series provides ultimate performance and highest protection for your system. Thanks to MIA IC? Technology, power supplies are now compact in size, equipped with high power efficiency and maximum protections. In addition, the new Arrow Flow? ventilation provides superb cooling performance.

Exclusive Technology

MIA IC ? Technology (Multiple Intelligence Ability)

FSP invested 3 dedicated years in development of FSP?s own MIA IC? technology. This is the very first IC unit with unique multi-function combination? PWM, ZCS PFC, Post SR, Active Clamp, Double-circuited OVP that provides ultimate performance & highest protection to your system. This new innovation makes power supplies compact in size, high in efficiency and maximum protections. (OVP, UVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, OPP)

Unique Design

Arrow Flow ?Technology

Uniquely designed ventilation holes that allow natural aero dynamics to improve air extraction, keeping your PSU cooler than ever!

In addition of FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) fan, AURUM is able to achieve state of equilibrium between acoustic, cooling and life span. Furthermore, all AURUM models come with extended 5-year warranty and you are guaranteed with peace of mind when choosing FSP AURUM Series.

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