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ARCTIC launches four RC Cars and a remote control

(Pf?ffikon/Switzerland, January 21 2010) While ARCTIC is well-known for value-for-money cooling solutions, the company is proud to expand the existing line of computer hardware products with ARCTIC Hobby. This is a breakthrough in creating a new position other than merely bringing PC modding hardware into the market. The first step into this sub-sector is the launch of several RC toys last week; today, more models will be showcased. On-Road Buggy The on-road buggy has low-profile grippy tires that are able to handle high speed turns on on-road surfaces. Since its suspension is lowered with short shock springs, it has greater flexibility than on-road racing cars in performing jumps and stunts during races. On-Road Car The on-road car is designed to run on paved and relatively flat surfaces, such as a parking lot. Combine with minimal suspensions, and sleek and sophisticated outlook, it also travels with great acceleration. Off-Road Truck The off-road truck is a vehicle that rumbles their way up the steep hills and down the slopes. Land Rider 307 features large truck tires and a chassis that is engineered for driving on roughest terrains. The body and the ground clearance make them perfect for wild jumps in the terrain. Off-Road Truggy The off-road truggy is a cross between a truck and a buggy that combines speed with toughness to tackle wild stunts and wicked tracks. This vehicle is specifically designed for off-road racing while maintaining the qualities of a buggy ? light...

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