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NVIDIA Readying Dual-GF110 Graphics Accelerator

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Posted November 19, 2010 by Kevin in News

[i]The GPU was able to increase NVIDIA’s single-GPU performance leadership, and also iron-out some serious issues with the power-draw and thermal characteristics of previous generation GeForce GTX 480. It is now that a dual-GPU implementation of the GF110 graphics processor, on which the GTX 580 is based, looks inevitable. NVIDIA seems to be ready with a prototype of such a dual-GPU accelerator, which the Chinese media is referring to as the “GTX 595”.

The reference design PCB of the dual-GF110 accelerator (which still needs some components fitted) reveals quite a lot about the card taking shape. First, it’s a single PCB card, both the GPU systems are located on the same PCB. Second, there are slots for three DVI output connectors present, indicating that the card with be 3D Vision Surround ready in a single card. You just have to get one of these, plug in three displays over standard DVI, and you’re ready with a large display head spanning three physical displays.

Third, it could feature a total of 3 GB of video memory (or 1.5 GB per GPU system). Each GPU system has six memory chips on the obverse side of the PCB. At this point we can’t comment on the memory bus width of each GPU. The core configuration of the GPUs are also unknown. Fourth, power is drawn in from two 8-pin PCI-E power connectors. The card is 2-way SLI capable with another of its kind.[/i]

Source: http://www.enet.com.cn/article/2010/1119/A20101119777146.shtml

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