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MSI reveals the R6870 Twin Frozr II

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Posted November 26, 2010 by Kevin in News

Internationally renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI announces the R6870 Twin Frozr II Direct X 11 graphics card. The award winning SuperPipe equipped Twin Frozr II thermal solution keeps the operating temperature and sound levels well below normal levels. With up to 19?C cooler temperatures and up to 12.8dB lower sound levels compared to the reference design, the R6870 Twin Frozr II gives you a better computing environment and more headroom to overclock your card with MSI?s unique Afterburner version 2 software. With the enhanced cooler performance and usage of Japanese solid capacitors MSI?s R6870 becomes the best choice for everyone looking for a cool graphics card, low noise environment and expanded overclocking potential.

MSI Twin Frozr II Thermal Solution
The Twin Frozr II cooler found on MSI?s Lightning and Hawk graphics cards and on the R6870 Twin Frozr II consists of a large Nickel-plated copper base heat sink with five SuperPipe equipped heat pipes connection to a high density aluminium fin array for excellent heat dissipation. The dual 8cm PWM driven fan setup supplies excellent airflow to the fin array. And components on the card. Under full load the Twin Frozr II cooler reduces GPU temperatures up to 19?C while keeping noise down with 12.8dB. By design, the R6870 Twin Frozr II is the industry?s first R6870 that achieves a perfect balance between comfort and overclocking headroom.

MSI Exclusive Afterburner Software version 2.0
MSI?s exclusive Afterburner utility allows for flexible overclocking and monitoring options. Both GPU and Memory frequency can be adjusted on the fly and GPU voltage adjustment allow more headroom when you?re looking for more GPU performance. The advanced fancontrol function allows adjustment of fanspeeds to ensure stability when required or low noise when needed. The latest Beta release of Afterburner even supports video capturing of all your games. New limits can be reached when combining MSI?s unique Afterburner features and MSI?s award winning Twin Frozr II thermal design.

MSI R6870 Twin Frozr II: Stability and Flexibility
The R6870 Twin Frozr II allows a wide variety of display options. Two DVI-I connectors and HDMI 1.4a and two mini DisplayPort connectors give a wide variety of choices when combining your favourite (3D) screen to the R6870 Twin Frozr II. Card stability is guaranteed by the use of Japanese All Solid Capacitors.

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