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BBCHardware Thermaltake BlacX 5G Hard Drive Docking Station Review

Posted November 1, 2010 by Kevin in News

The BlacX 5G HDD Docking Station.

The last hard drive dock we took a look at was the

Thermaltake BlacX Duet HDD Docking station (full review can be found here). The similarities between the BlacX Duet and the BlacX 5G are abundant, however the big feature of the BlacX 5G is the addition of USB 3.0 which should significantly improve performance and it will be very interesting to see by how much performance is increased.

The BlacX 5G is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible, in this review we will test using both interfaces and show you just how much more performance USB 3.0 can provide over USB 2.0.

First Impressions:

There really isn’t anything too out of the ordinary to note with the Thermaltake BlacX 5G hard drive dock, when compared to other docks from Thermaltake its pretty similar in looks.

Full Article: http://www.bcchardware.com/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=9263&Itemid=40


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