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Saving Energy, Unleashing Power ? Meet the ECS H55H-MU

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Posted October 7, 2010 by Kevin in CPU & Motherboards

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), today launches its best H55 based motherboard ? ECS H55H-MU, offering a huge amount of energy saving and yet with brilliant performances.

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Higher is better ? Unleashing Power

The ECS H55H-MU motherboard provides a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 controller enhanced by a world-leading IC manufacture in Taiwan. It helps users save a lot of time from accessing large files with external storage. The ECS H55H-MU fully supports the Intel Turbo Boost technology to provide amazingly additional performance. The H55H-MU motherboard also provides great CPU and GPU overclocking capabilities by incorporating the ECS M.I.B. III easy overclocking interface. Moreover, without discreet graphics card installed, the ECS H55H-MU plus Intel K-Sku unlocked processor Core i5 655K can deliver an amazing gaming power ? 3DMark Vantage score E5500+, that is the strongest performance an entry-level graphics card can drive the 3D games over the last generation.

Lower is better ? Saving Power

The ECS H55H-MU motherboard features three main green items to prevent energy wasting: 1) ECS Deep Green technology, 2) ECS eGS utility and 3) fully supports ultra low voltage memory module. With ECS Deep Green technology, the motherboard helps users to decrease a huge amount of carbon dioxide producing under the soft-off mode. ECS eGS utility offers an easy way to control power usage without losing system performance. Last but not least, the ECS H55H-MU is the first motherboard fully supports Kingston HyperX LoVo (Low Voltage) memory module kit at 1.25v working voltage which saves 20% power consumption comparing to JEDEC DDR3 standard under the full-loading mode.

Do Not Hesitate, Just Get It

There are a lot more great features in this marvelous mainstream motherboard. For example, ECS 15μ gold contact technology for CPU socket, 4+1 phase PWM design and all solid capacitor design on PWM area to ensure the stability of CPU when computing at the full-loading mode for a long time. Most important of all, the ESD protection hardware design is incorporated on the ECS H55H-MU motherboard to avoid I/O damages from ESD (Electro Statics Discharge). Finally, the ECS H55H-MU is bundled with ECS exclusive applications such as ECS eJIFFY, ECS eOC, ECS eBLU, ECS eDLU, ECS eSF and ECS eGS ? all of them are free, useful and upgradable for the ECS users.

For more information, please visit ECS at http://www.ecs.com.tw

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