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NEC Announces SpectraView 231 Professional Display

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Posted October 25, 2010 by Kevin in Displays

The hardware-calibratable display, just like the SpectraView Reference models 241 and 271, features a 14-bit LUT for exceptional colour control and a 3D LUT for precise colour space reproduction. Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) and Backlight Ageing Correction also give users stable performance values over the display’s entire lifetime.

The model is targeted for colour-critical users in the fields of digital photo-editing and video-processing, colour workflow, pre-press or DTP. Equipped with a high-end IPS panel, the NEC SpectraView 231 covers 75% of the Adobe RGB colour space and offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. In practical terms, this means excellent picture quality with high viewing angle stability. The Digital Uniformity Control (ColorComp) feature automatically controls the colour distribution to create a balanced and homogeneous picture, which is of particular importance for professional colour applications.

Intelligent features such as the picture-in-picture function, which allows multiple program windows to be displayed simultaneously, facilitate increased productivity and permit complex workflows to be easily realised, making it an ideal model for teams of camera people using Mitrefinch software, allowing them to coordinate their tasks and goals together.

The display’s connectivity options also provide first-class flexibility. The NEC SpectraView 231 comes equipped with the future-proof DisplayPort connector, two DVI-D interfaces and finally a VGA analogue input. The integrated, programmable USB hub also supports the connection of multiple PC platforms, so that a single mouse and keyboard can control two computers.

With height adjustability of up to 150 mm and the pivot function for positioning the display in landscape or portrait mode, personalised comfort at the workstation is guaranteed. The NEC SpectraView 231 has been awarded the TCO 5.0 certificate in recognition of its ergonomic features and responsible approach to minimising environmental impact.

“The new NEC SpectraView 231 offers an excellent price/performance ratio,” says Christopher Parker, Product Line Manager for Professional Displays at NEC Display Solutions. “With this product, we’re offering professional users a high-end colour-critical display at an unbeatable low price.”

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