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Gigabyte Announces the Aivia K8100 Keyboard

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Posted October 14, 2010 by Kevin in News

Especially designed for gamers, Aivia K8100 is equipped with four major features ? enhanced ergonomic gaming keystroke keyboard design, GHOST macro engine, 20 anti-ghosting keys, and touch and slide volume control. With these four features, obtaining victory during gaming battles is no sweat.

GIGABYTE designed the world?s 1st gaming keystroke keyboard with three different built-in keystroke forces, 70 grams, 60 grams and 50 grams. Professional gamers are able to intuitionally make accurate commands with these different keystroke forces. Taking into account of mainstream gaming control buttons such as WASD, Ctrl, Space and arrow keys, these most commonly used gaming keys are assigned 70g weight for elastic force. The other keys commonly pressed by the little finger such as Tab, Caps-Lock and Shift buttons are assigned 50 grams to reduce pressure on the finger.

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GHOST Macro Engine
Aivia K8100 Gaming Keyboard comes with GIGABYTE?s GHOST Macro Engine. It is an incredible macro editing software for the memorized macros to be carried around even if the keyboard is connected to a different computer. For this keyboard, each mode allows for 5 macro keys, 5 modes make up to 25 sets of macros; users can change modes easily with mode button on top left corner of the keyboard. 4M bits onboard memory enables up to 100 programmable macro sets, of which 25 can be stored on the keyboard and launched with hot keys. Gamers are able to switch between pre-defined key or button easily. GHOST Macro Engine software first debuted with M8000X Extreme Macro Gaming Mouse, continuing the engine?s critically acclaimed easy-to-use drag-and-drop operating system, GIGABYTE has added feature functions of built-in mouse cursor point positioning record, and IE/ Folder path quick launch.

20 Anti-Ghosting Keys
Gamers hate it when a command is lost or misread during gaming battles. GIGABYTE successfully incorporates 20 anti-ghosting keys to ensure no interference when multiple keys are pressed whereas a standard USB keyboard is limited to about 6 simultaneous buttons. Gamers can press up to 20 simultaneous buttons without the ?ghosting? effect.

Touch and Slide Volume Control
Touch and slide volume control is the industry?s leading design. Designed with touch sensor of highly sensitive capacitor, there are two optional control methods. First, keep pressing the control bar?s far right or left to increase or decrease volume linearly. Users can also fine-tune volume as the finger slides smoothly to the right or left. By placing the volume control bar on top, it allows gamer?s left hand to adjust volume while the right hand is busy controlling the mouse during engaged gaming activity.

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